You Are My Everything 3 ***MATURE CONTENT***

He was glad her apartment was secluded. The street was a bit windy but that was okay. When he got out, it was quiet, no screaming sasaengs, no one calling his name, or trying to chase him. He felt at ease. He happen to look up and seen someone standing on a terrace four floors above him. They nodded at him and continued smoking their cigarette. "This is a cool place. I like it." he stretched, breathing in deep. She agreed looking around, "It's quiet but that's only because it's an older community." "Every part of Seoul is older." he said mockingly. "No, no, I mean older people live here. There's two families with small children, the rest are retirees and older couples that don't have kids." She said gesturing for him to follow. She took his hand and lead him up the stairs, they went all the way to the top. As they stood in front of her door, fumbling with the keys, he wrapped his arms around her, nuzzling her ear gently, getting anxious. As soon as they were in, he practically picked her up off the floor, his arms tightly wound around her body, carrying her. She pulled her arms out, taking her coat off and reaching to turn the light on. "No, leave it off." Across the room, over by the window was her bed. "Why is your bed by the window like that?" he asked, kissing up her neck. His kisses were electrifying, sending sparks throughout her body to the tips of her fingers and toes. She sighed at the feeling he was making her feel. "I like to watch the stars sometimes.... oh god that feels so good." she answered. She slipped her hand inside his shirt, softly running her finger tips up and down his back. He picked her up in his arms and took her to her bed. She laid back letting his hands run over her body, he pulled her shirt up and started nipping at her belly working his way up. She unhooked her bra, he slipped it off, nipping around her breasts before wrapping his mouth around a nipple, making her body shake and moan. His hand went down, undoing her pants and slipping his hand in, over her panties, rubbing her softly. He couldn't take it anymore, he jumped up, took his jacket off and then his shirt, his pants. His phone rang. He ignored it until it stopped ringing. He wanted to be left alone but it rang again. He ignored it. Then a text message came, he ignored it. Then it started ringing again. "Go Away!" he said grabbing it and tossing it aside. It landed on her couch. He went back to what he was doing. It rang again. "I hate to say it..." she said as he kissed, the both of them naked, so ready, "Answer it, it's getting on my nerves." "I'll put it on silent." he said. He walked over and picked it up. His hyung had called two times, the manager the last two times, the text had come from his hyung. Just as he was turning the volume down, his manager called again. He answered. "Hello Manager Hyung" "Where are you?" the voice on other end said loudly. She pulled a blanket over herself. "I'm out driving around. I had the music up, I didn't hear my phone right away. Sorry." He quickly said. "You need to get back here, it's late. You have a plane to catch first thing in the morning!" "I'll be back soon." he answered, trying to stand his ground. "No. Now. Don't make me come after you," his manager paused, then he said in a low voice, "I know where you're at, in the CheongunDong area." His whole body went still, how, he wondered, no one is supposed to know. Without a word, he ended the call. He walked back to the bed and sat down. He picked up his pants and shoes, putting them back on. She handed him his shirt. As soon as he put it on, he laid back, pulling her next to him, holding her, not wanting to let go but he had to. "I have to go." he said brushing his lips over her forehead. "I know." she said understandably. She snuggled close to him, getting that feeling there was something else. "I'm going to China tomorrow. I'll be gone for a little while." he finally said. "Don't go anywhere without telling me this time, understand?." He kissed her one last time as she nodded. She watched him go out the door. She wrapped the blanket tight and opened her window. She watched him get into his car and drive away. She looked up at the stars and laid back down, not taking her eyes off them. She wasn't disappointed, deep down she knew this would happen and started to think that this wasn't meant to be.

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