Jr ~:Little bit of love:~

Jr stared blankly at the small stack of letters. "Fan mail" would be underrated in this sense as all of these letters consisted of "fans" telling him to get lost. See it isn't easy for him to openly show his affection, which leads to Jr's crud personality on screen. There's some fans who still love him, and for that he's truly grateful, but it still doesn't rid of the fact that more and more people dislike him. What was he supposed to do? He wouldn't feel comfortable lying to the whole world. He'd feel even worse confusing everyone. Frustrated and depressed, Jr turned his head to the side and released a puff of air. This is bothersome, a wasted effort thinking about people who didn't care. It was only an image, and if people wanted just an image from him, then they aren't worth his time. With that thought, Jr took the stack and threw them into the trashcan, rather violently, and stomped from the room. He needed to cool down and relax, all those letters and problem solving was giving him a migraine. Why should he bother? No one would truly accept him. Well only a few people would, and did. His group mates, his family. You. Out of everyone he knew personally, you became his main focus. Without hesitation you opened your arms and just accepted him, stating that he just needed a little love and that little love would be you, if he accepted. Honestly Jr didn't know if that was even a confession at first. He thought you just sputtered a friendship line with him. But when you had a serious look in your eye, and a small smiling blush sparkling your face, he knew then that you meant everything. He'd be stupid to turn you down. He was stupid for not answering as fast as he could. Instead he just stood there like an idiot as you just watched him. But ultimately he accepted, and he's never been happier. Though he still refused to delude his image on live TV or on their YouTube videos. He was always the stone hearted, blank faced Jr that everyone loves. It's always been that way. You knew what Jr was going through on a daily basis. All the unneeded hate being directed towards his TV persona. That wasn't the real Jr and that's what made you upset because the real Jr texted you at two in the morning asking if you wanted a milkshake. The real Jr would ask about your day, he would ask if you had free time currently so he could hang with you. The Jr you knew is affectionate and passionate. The real Jr is a loveable Jr that everyone would be envious for. That everyone should know. Regardless of these thoughts, you stayed by his side when he cried, you stood next to him when things got tough. You've saved Jr from making any type of mistakes that would send him into a swirling downward spiral into depression and ruin his career. You went as far as to burn all those hateful letters in front of him, telling him that your true fans send you love no matter your persona. "All you need is a little love Jr. And your true fans, family, friends are those little bits of love." You'd whisper as he curls into a ball, his eyes stinging with new tears. He would hold onto you with an iron grip as he just listened to your day and stories. He would laugh quietly as you explained something funny that happened that day. At the end of the day, Jr would be thankful of your existence. You made life more liveable. You made those irrelevant letters disappear from his mind. His worries washed away once you fluttered into his head.

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