Food Crush: Disney's Adorable Character-Inspired Dim Sum!

Like many, visiting a Disney park was probably one of the most memorable parts of my childhood.

Summer vacation on the East Coast meant road trips to Disney World and visits to Epcot Center. And when I finally moved to California? Let's just say that I definitely spent more than a few birthdays eating a Mickey-shaped ice cream bar on line for Space Mountain.

I've always wanted to visit one of the Disney parks abroad like Tokyo Disney or Disneyland Paris, and now that Shanghai Disney just opened up this week, I'm feeling an itch to get out there and visit the latest Happiest Place on Earth.

And what's first on my Shanghai Disney bucket list?


These dumplings were first perfected at Hong Kong Disneyland's Crystal Lotus, and grew to be so popular that Disney Parks was kind enough to offer them in Shanghai too!

Here are some of the menu's yummiest highlights:

Little Green Men Pork and Vegetable Bun

Three Little Pigs Barbecue Pork Bun

Chicken Little Steamed Lotus Seed Puree Bun

Mike Wazowski Shrimp Bun

Baymax Chaisui Pork Bun

Olaf Red Bean Bun

The park's multi-course dim sum set has proven to be such a hot seller that visitors must reserve their meal at least two days in advance - only a small drawback when compared to finally being able to enjoy the dumplings that were handmade JUST FOR YOU!

So who else has Disney dim sum on their travel bucket list?

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