Pressure Chapter 1: Tonight we're going to have fun

Chapter 1: intro chapter@haniarociooEarlier that day

"C'mon!! It'll be fun!! You love dancing and you never knooow you could find someone to bring home" Your roommate said in her annoying pleading voice "I already told you, clubs aren't my thing, I've been to a couple before and I didn't like it. End of story." You didn't have time for this, it was your first year at university and you weren't about to get side tracked by your party animal roommate. "Ugh! You're no fun" she whined "No. I'm not" you reply bluntly "Plllleeeeeaaaaasseee!! I'll leave you alone for the rest of the year if you just come with me this one time." You pace around your dorm room trying to organize your things for class later that week and finally cave "FINE. I'll GO. But under that condition. You'll stop bothering me to go out clubbing" "Yay!!" She jumps around clapping in excitement "and you can wear that sexy red dress you have"

"Hey, thanks for the invite, but I still have a lot of work to be done so I'm going to head out. See you later. Don't get too drunk and don't bring back any random guys please."


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