My dragons on Dragon City!!!!!

Here I have many dragons on Dragon City named after my favorite Korean hallyu idols and celebrities! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Super Junior dragons Leeteuk (Park Jungsoo) is a Terra Dragon Kim Heechul is a Flaming Rock Dragon HanGeng (Hankyung) is a Armadillo Dragon Yesung is a Dandelion Dragon Kangin is a Crossfire Dragon Shindong Hee is a Medieval Dragon Lee Sungmin is an Ice Dragon Eunhyuk (Lee HyukJae) is a Tropical Dragon Choi Siwon is a Double Flame Dragon Lee Donghae is a Dragonfly Dragon

Super Junior dragons (cont.) Kim Ryeowook is a Butterfly Dragon Kim Kibum is a Platinum Dragon and Cho Kyuhyun is an Ice Cube Dragon

SHINee dragons Lee Jinki (Onew) is a Double Terra Dragon Kim Jonghyun is a Quetzal Dragon Key will be a Motherly Dragon Choi Minho is a Flame Dragon and Lee Taemin is a Sea Dragon

Infinite Dragons Kim Sungkyu is a Terra Dragon Jang Dongwoo is a Flaming Rock Dragon Nam Woohyun is a Butterfly Dragon Lee Howon (Hoya) is a Hot Metal Dragon Lee Sumgyeol is a Coral Dragon Kim Myungsoo (L) is an Ice Cream Dragon and Lee Sungjong is a Sea Dragon

Ukiss dragons Shin Soohyun is a Mercury Dragon Kiseop is a Butterfly Dragon Eli is a Laser Dragon AJ is a Mojito Dragon (yes I included AJ, because he is still a part of ukiss but he's on hiatus now) Hoon is a Firebird Dragon Kevin is a Cloud Dragon and Jun is a Sea Dragon

EXO dragons Xiumin (Kim Minseok) is an Alpine Dragon Luhan is a Flourescent Dragon Wu Yifan (Kris) is a Volcano Dragon Kim Junmyeon (Suho) is a Metal Dragon Zhang Yixing (Lay) is a Cactus Dragon Byun Baekhyun is a Chameleon Dragon Chen (Kim Jongdae) is a Snowflake Dragon Park Chanyeol is a Spicy Dragon Do Kyungsoo (D. O. ) is a Lantern Fish Dragon Huang ZiTao will be a Chinese Dragon

EXO dragons (cont.) Kim Jongin (Kai) is a Mud Dragon and Oh Sehun is a Terra Dragon



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