Snap Chatting with B.A.P Daehyun

When your mad daehyun always finds away to cheer you up!

Daehyun had just left the studio to go eat. So he thought of you and asked what would u want. You just said a drink.

When your not there he misses you the most.

So since your not in South Korea he sent you a gift to your hometown. His gift was a promise ring to you. He was working really hard to make it.

Ahhh Yes The Bonus Derp face (btw he's my bias in b.a.p) Let me know who you want next -Yongguk -HimChan -YoungJae -Jongup -Zelo *My Tags*@bambamisbae@batgirl225319@Ercurrent@ChengVang@Saraortiz2002@JaxomB@aishwaryasheet@justcallmekyki@KaiJae@MomoChamie@viloapianomly@Jiyongixoxo@aegyoxprincess@TiffanyBibian@NadineEsquivel@btsgotshinee@KaylinJones@AraceliJimenez@swimrocks505@kpopfangirl15@SamanthaRae19@NEOisRealo@Starbell808@Otakukpopgirl@Jenjenkhreim@StephersTaylor@BlueMoon201@ParkMinRin13@tiffany1922@Orchiofriend549@Kagamine381@terenallyn@hauntedyouth13@LizzyRubyCiss@Sammie99522@hisundays@DekaraMiller@Mercedesbenz98@JadeNarine@JaeneashaJones@LizaNightshade@TesneemElAlami@AaliyahNewbell@ashleydj100@Vixxstarlight@anarevilla34@LenaBlackRose@kpopQueenaBee@KaeliShearer@JenleFerrer@BrookeStam@amykin505@WivlDemo1@CheyeneJessee@exobts947@jennissa711@luna1171@Jyesung72

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