What is 9cam?

Your life should be simple. To take a photo should be easy. Got tired of painfully slow camera apps? Want to get a stunning photo at the very moment? 9cam is so on fleek. Just turn 9cam on and capture your very moment!

We are now on beta test and want to invite you, lovely Vinglers. To be a beta tester, please visit http://9cam.co/

All these photos are taken with filter 9. The 9th filter recreates your photos to be bright and warm.

With 9cam, you can adapt two filters together; these photos are all taken with filter 9 and modified with filter 8 or 5.

Don't care about the filters, composition and so on. Just click 9cam and catch your moment easily yet perfectly.

Join as a beta tester at 9cam.co ! We will upload many cards with gorgeous pictures from today! :)

막 찍어도 인생샷! http://9cam.co/ 또는 앱스토어에서 "9cam"을 검색하세요~>ㅇ<
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