Mr. Secret

Ch. 7


They get back to Takuya’s house.

“You want to come in for a while?” Takuya asks. Shin nods his head.

“Sure.” Shin follows Takuya into the house. Takuya notices his mother still hasn’t made it home.

“I’m going to call my mother really quick she should have been home by now.” Takuya said. Shin nods his head.

Takuya walks into the den, while Shin walks around the living room looking around. He didn’t get that chance before. He saw a lot of family pictures of Takuya and his mother, but none with his dad. “I thought he said his parents recently divorced why are there no pictures with all of them together?” he asked himself.

“Hello mom?” Takuya speaks into the receiver.

“Hey kiddo what’s going on?” his mother answers.

“Not much just checking on you? You’re working awfully late tonight? Do I need to come pick you up?” Takuya asks.

“No, honey I’m good, I’ll call you when I’m headed home alright. I love you.” His mother replies.

“Okay then, I love you too, don’t forget to call me.” Takuya confirms before his mother ended the call.

Takuya walks back to the living room. Shin is laying on the couch with his arm across his eyes. Takuya walks over to him and smiles.

“Shin you awake?” Takuya asks as he gets on his knees and leans in closer to Shin. Takuya believes he hears Shin snoring so he just chuckles lightly to himself.

“Really, your asleep, we have this house all to ourselves and your sleeping. I may start pouting.” Takuya said loud enough for Shin to hear. Takuya’s surprised that Shin didn’t stir. “He must really be asleep.” Takuya starts to stand up when Shin grabs his wrist.

“Where do you think you’re going beautiful.” Shin said with a wink and a mischievous smile. Shin sits up and pulls Takuya onto his lap. “And for your information no I wasn’t sleeping.” Shin admits. Takuya is straddling Shin.

Takuya’s heart started to race and his body temperature became higher. Sitting on Shin’s lap like this was making him all hot and bothered, so he just went for it. Takuya cusps Shin’s face in his hands and plants a deep passionate kiss on his lips. Running his tongue along them, Shin understands what Takuya wants and gladly submits opening his mouth letting Takuya in. Shin rubs his hands across Takuya’s back feeling him.

Takuya feels Shin’s hand run under his shirt and he swears sparks were flying from his hands. The electric shock made Takuya moan in pleasure as Shin moves from his mouth and starts kissing down Takuya’s neck.

“I’m home.” Takuya’s mother shouts. The boys quickly separate from each other and Shin sits on the couch with his hands over his crotch to hid his boner. Takuya was thankful that he was wearing an oversized shirt to hide his.

“Hi mom, glad your home.” Takuya greets his mother, as she walks in she looks over and sees Shin sitting on the couch.

“Hi mom!” Shin says with a smile.

“Oh honey I didn’t you know you had company. I’ll be going to bed now, I’m really tired.” Takuya’s mother said as she gave her son a hug she whispered in his ear.

“Use protection honey.” She said. Takuya’s eyes grow wide. His mother pulls away and smiles at him. Takuya’s mouth is open wide still trying to process what she just said.

“Good night Shin.” Takuya’s mother said.

“Awe, good night mom. Let’s have dinner this week?” Shin said as he gave her a wink. She smiles and nods her head before turning around and heading to her room.

Takuya watches his mother go up the stairs, he doesn’t notice Shin had moved away from the couch. Shin wraps his arms around Takuya and places his head on his shoulder.

“Should I leave?” Shin asked in a pouty voice. Takuya takes Shin’s hands from his waist and turns around.

“Stay a while longer. Let’s go to my room.” Takuya asks. Shin smiles as Takuya leads him to his room. Once they enter Takuya’s room, Shin presses Takuya against the door kissing him and running his hands back up Takuya’s shirt and eventually removing it. Shin runs his hands over Takuya’s bare chest.

Takuya takes his hands and follows Shin’s actions removing Shin’s shirt, but Takuya doesn’t stop there, he slides his hands down to Shins pants, he feels the hard on Shin has and both boys smile. Takuya unzips and unbuttons Shin’s pants placing his hands on Shin’s sides and pushing them and his boxers down.

Takuya licks his lips as he kneels down Shin watches him.

Shin’s POV

I feel Takuya take me in his hand at the base of my erection, he squeezes gently as he places his mouth around the tip I feel his hot wet mouth on me sucking. Takuya moves his hand up and down in a seductively slow manner as he plays with the tip. My body shivers from his hot mouth and warm hand. I lean my head back moaning as quietly as I can. I’m afraid I’m going to be loud so I take my hand and bite it to muffle the sound of my moans.

As I moan Takuya starts to move faster and squeezing harder, making me arch my back and pushing my hips towards him. I take his head and push him onto me. I want him to take it all and he does every inch. I feel Takuya’s free hand start to move up my thigh not enough to tickle but slowly inching its way to my balls, and he massages them with his free hand.

With this I can’t take it anymore. “Stop, my turn.” I tell him. Takuya pulls off with a loud plopping sound. My body shutters.

“Okay.” Takuya said as he stands up and kisses me before I have the chance to do anything. As I kiss Takuya my hands reach down and I start taking off his pants and boxers.

I push him towards the bed, feeling his body up and down kissing his body as I work my way down from his lips, chest, nipples back to the middle and down further. I try my best to mimic the way he sucked me. He’s actually my first so I’m new to this, he seems to have experience which I don’t mind, because now he’s mine, he’ll always be mine.

I hear Takuya moaning in pleasure so I know I’m doing it right. All of a sudden Takuya stops me and pulls me up to him. Kissing me passionately Takuya takes his hand and grabs my erection and rubs the tip against his opening. Here I was going to ask if he wanted to be bottom or top, instead he answered for me.

I remove his hand and replace it with mine, I slowly rub the head of my cock against his opening, pushing it in slowly. Takuya moans softly in pain and pleasure as I slowly work myself into him. Arching his back and wrapping his legs around me, it makes me go in deeper. I swear he was crying but he never said to stop so I continue. I hold myself inside of him for a few moments until he tells me to move.

Takuya’s POV

I couldn’t take the tease anymore I needed him inside me now, I place his cock at my entrance and rub the head against it. Shin understands immediately what I’m wanting. I need him, I want him, my body is aching for him. Once he’s inside me it hurts because I haven’t done this in so long, but it quickly subsides and my body relaxes. I tell him to move and he slowly moves in and out inside me.

“Oh Shin, you feel amazing.” I say in between breathes.

“You too baby, you feel really good. Too good.” Shin replies as he starts to pump in and out faster and harder. Shin leans down and kisses me passionately as he pumps me. If it wasn’t for him kissing me I would be screaming in ecstasy, and I think he knew that. We both didn’t want to be disturbed.

As Shin is pumping me, I take my hand and stroke my cock, I want to climax with him.

“Let’s climax together baby.” I say to him.

“Ooh yes, I’m about there are you?” Shin asks me, I nod my head in response. Not a moment later we both climax together, kissing to muffle the sound of our moans and grunts.

When finished Shin lays on top of me. I wrap my arms around him holding him tight rolling over on our sides, our legs are entwined. Shin’s looking at me brushing his hand on my face.

“That was an amazing first date.” Shin said with a smile, chuckle, and him sticking his tongue out at me. I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Now, I’m completely yours and no one else’s.” I admit.

“Me too, I’m yours.” Shin replied.

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