These Nickelodeon Makeovers Are Pure '90s Nostalgia.

If you were a little girl in the '90s, chances are your earliest style icons were of the 2-D variety.

And why not? The ladies of our favorite Saturday morning cartoons had it going on. From braided pigtails to sunglasses to jumper dresses, they were the 'it girls' of the animated world, so it's no surprise that we're still SO in love with them!

A team of Buzzfeed hairstylists and makeup artists were given the task to recreate four '90s Nickelodeon looks on the model below. Check 'em out!


Rugrats' Angelica Pickles


The Wild Thornberrys' Eliza


Doug's Judi Funnie


As Told By Ginger's Ginger

You can watch the entire transformation unfold in the embedded YouTube clip above!


Which look is your favorite?

Which other characters should they have included?

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