September 2

"Daniel guess what!" I screamed from across the hall "what!?" He said with excitement in his eyes. "We have a presentation today during pxt, no one knows what it's about not even the teachers do you?" I asked while hugging him. "Haha no I don't Daniella but we'll find out soon!" He said laughing at me "ugh but I want to know I'm excited!" I said walking to class "you should be." He said with his cute grin "wait what?" I asked walking back to him "nothing I'll see you after class!" He said avoiding what he said before. What was he even saying I should be? What's that about hmm maybe he's presenting and he has a big fun game or something. ugh I don't even know I'll just wait pxt is next anyway. I just wonder what it's about because we got a couple of new students over the week and maybe they are going to introduce them. Hmmmm maybe! Well I'll wait I guess. "Okay class everyone needs to go to the LGI at this time so go and us teachers will meet you there" the teacher said as I walk to the LGI I notice that Daniel is not in his class and that he wasn't in the LGI either. "Nick where's Daniel?" I asked Nick "I don't know maybe he's in the bathroom or something just sit down Daniella." As I sat down the teach goes to the front "Okay guys you all know why we are here" the teacher says "yes ma'am we do!" All the students say this at different times but I was the only one who didn't actually know! "Daniella...can you come to the front please" the teacher says in front of everyone "what why? What did I do wrong now?" I said out loud "just go!" Nick says back "fine" I mumbled. When I walk to the front the teacher told me to close my eyes and wait for a surprise "but I don't want to...I'm scared... what if I get stabbed... can I open my eyes's been really long I'm scared." I said when I had my hands over my eyes "you can look now" I hear Nick say. As I opened my eyes I see Daniel on one knee holding a ring pop. I started laughing and blushing "Daniella... wow where do I start...well first off I love you and I wanted to do this for a while. Everyone knew this but you and it was really hard for all of us because we couldn't say anything... anyway after everything we have been through together like being a couple then being best friend then to helping each other out of relationship problems we had on our own and that relationship not working out...and I know why it wouldn't. It was because that person isn't you and all I ever wanted was you again so I am asking you this will you be my girlfriend again?" I was blushing and laughing, I nodded my head yes he got up and huged me very tight then he kissed me on my cheek and I closed my eyes and thought to myself that this is what I wanted all my life. I looked at everyone and grabbed the microphone, "all of you guys knew this? Even the teachers?" I said looking shocked "how did you manage to do this Daniel?" I said looking at him "if you want me to be honest, everyone love you and me they also love me and you together so they all helped." I huged him again and we went to our seats "now that, that is over I wanted to say congratulations to everyone for trying really hard over the weeks we have been here, I know it's a new school year and new teachers and I know you all miss your old ones! Especially Mr.carrica!" The teacher laughed while saying this and we all booed at the thought of Mr. Carrica "anyway we wanted to say thank you guys for keeping up with us... we know it's tough but you guys are going to be the first to graduate so stay together as a class be nice to each other...accept each other and I bet you it's going to be great in high school!" The teacher said this and well all clapped and went back to our class. "Its great to have you back in my arms Daniella." Daniel said with his cute wink and grin "it feels great to yours again Daniel." I said holding his hand.

I love to write...
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