Get Back Into Ribbon Bows!

Have you forgotten the wonders of Ribbon Bows?

Brigitte Bardot rocked the ribbon bows, and I think we still can!

I came across this cute image about where to wear your bow to indicate your "status," and while I'm sure it was only girls not guys paying attention to these things, it's still fun to see how awesome of a fashion feature ribbon bows can!

And they're so EASY, I can't believe they're not really in now!!

Here's 6 basic ways to tie ribbon into your hair!

Go "adult" mode!

My friend and I were recently talking about how bows can look really childish, and how we have chosen not to wear them because of this. Fear no more!!! If you're worried about it being too "childish," try one of these ribbon bow looks especially for adults! You're never too old to wear a bow!!!! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise :)

Here's the tutorial :)

So, will you try rocking ribbons again?

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