Didn't Deserve You ch. 4

Who: Reader x Byun Baekhyun What: Pain, Love Chapter 4 (This story is loosely based off of 2NE1's music video Go away. I kind of just needed to write it out cause it's in my head but I thought you guys might like it. so enjoy) Story: He was the love of your life until he broke up with you in the most humiliating way. You keep going on with your life trying to live with the pain of working with your ex-boyfriend at the race track and seeing his new girlfriend hanging on his arm. The more you see him the more destructive you become. Right now the only person that can keep you sane is your closest friend Jongdae.

Y/N's POVblondeYou're right I did like that but you know what, you're gonna love this.Now I've officially thrown you away.Baekhyun's POV

So my bunnies I will update the next chapter as soon as I can but then I'm going back to finish up my Kingdoms story I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for reading.

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