Show me the money 5

this episode was so intense! Anyone else watching this show? If not here is what you missed...

Cjamm & Reddy

Team Zion.T &kush won with a huge lead!( I kind of guessed this because Dok2 team messed up a little- besides the fact that zion team had a huge fandom)

Flowsick was tied with team zion so they had to do the second count in which flowsick was let go of.... that was bs! I really feel zion team has way more pull in this show and I'm not longer sure if it's even about talent or not. I was pretty upset because I wanted flowsick to continue till next round.

Bewhy have a beautiful performance honestly.. he deserves to win and I'm all Simon and gray team... beewhy wins with a huge amount difference and wins the round

each team now has 1 member except for zion .t and kush with 3 members!. from the start I knew this would happen! zion t team has so much more pull! and not to mention the team. Also I must say I love YG but this team is the most arrogant ever! if someone is watching this talk to me! I'm soo mad at this.. first one is out and now flow sick??

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