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Happy Friday everyone! Hope you have had a wonderful week and I hope you guys have an even better weekend. I hope everyone who is going to GOT7's concert tonight has a wonderful and exciting time. Have fun and be safe. Ummm ... Chapter 3 of Somewhere in Between will be posted on Monday, I was going to try and do it this weekend but I won't have time to do. I have work and my grandma's surprise party. Now that that is out the way let's get to celebrate our sunshine YoungJae on his special day!!!

As many of us know YoungJae will not be performing tonight with the boys because he is not feeling well. If you want to read or know more about it you can check out the card that my fellow GOT7 team@TaehyungV made here YoungJae rest and take care of yourself. We know you don't want us to worry but you know that we will because we really care about you and the rest of the boys. So just focus on getting better and don't worry about feeling guilty or feeling discouraged because you can't be on stand tonight because we care more about you getting better. We love you!! Get well soon!! Fighting ✊


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