It's Hard To Choose Pt.10

Hey guys its me, UnicornSuga! Today I'm writing because I'm going on vacation in a few days and I won't be able to write part 10! Anyway, hope you enjoy <3

Today was your last performance for your debut, and your actually kind of sad about it, you actually like being on stage and hearing the fans scream because they love your group! You go on stage an preform, today you were nominated to get an award for your song but you were going against a group that's been around way longer then you have! You get scared. I mean it would be your first award ever! What if you don't win? Its okay though because theirs next time! But, this is your groups debut! Of course you want to win an award for your debut! You go on stage, standing there and they start to talk about the award your nominated for. "And the winner is......(your group name)". You were so excited! The Next Day You and Mark are working on your dance moves. After a while Jackson walks in and congratulates you for winning an award. Jackson sits down and goes on his phone. While you and Mark start to do a couples song. "Are you sure you want to dance to that song?", Jackson questions. You and Mark look at each other and realize you haven't told the members about you two dating. You continue with the dance, and reach the end and go to sit next to Jackson. "Is there something wrong Y/N?", Jackson asks, "I mean you did a couples dance with Mark.", he adds. "Mark come here! Let's tell him.", you say. Mark starts to walk over and sits by you. "Jackson, Y/N and I are dating...", Mark says. After Mark finished his sentence, he puts his arm around you and holds you close. Jackson nods. "Have you told the other members?", Jackson asked, you and Mark both say no. Right after you both say no, all the rest of the members walk in and you get up, and ask all the members to sit down except Mark. They all sit down and look confused, but you just say, "Listen, Mark and I are dating.". All the members look at you and Mark in shock. Youngjae and Yugyeom both say congratulations and BamBam looks pissed. And JB and Jinyoung are wanting to know if their gonna have some grandbabies. XD

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