✨Can't get enough of BEAST!!✨

!!!SO BEAUTIES!!!! I've watched this like so many times already and I can't get enough!! I can't wait for this comeback!!

they act so silly and they're just themselves!! I mean how many other groups would drink beer on a VLine!? lol I love it!!

I love this snap shot I got of Gikwang!! He said he was already getting drunk!! Aw, he's so cute!! Oh and in the picture he's read this the comments. His eyes are opened wide! lol so cute!! WELL BEAUTIES, JUST WANTED TO POST A CARD IF YOU COULDN'T GET ENOUGH OF OUR BEAST!! !!BEAUTIES FOR LIFE!! ADR BEAUTY SQUAD:@tayunnie &@Choijiah PS. Let us know if you want to be tagged and mentioned!! Just like@tayunnie had said we are here for you!!

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Love Love LOVE

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