🌺CatchYaCrayon's New Taglist!🌺


Well hello! Again with the hiatus thing right? Ugh I gotta stop doing that! Don't get mad!


I've been active again with cards today haven't I? with what, 3?? wow a new record! It just came out of nowhere! Probably from all the excitement of the new mod quarter...


Anyways! Yes, referring to the title of this card, this is my organization for my new taglist! on my previous card (and before that...) I said my taglist is mad old. You're probably tired of hearing that >.< lol sorry about that!

But lets do this!


Big Bang Taglist:


like I said, I only had that one list so I'm starting fresh...as in FRESH fresh, like catching a live fish out of the river FRESH :3


BTS Taglist:

*cricket sound*

yeeeaaahhhh... lol!

I do have@Helixx and@KwonOfAKind on it, thats for sure.


ASTRO Taglist:

but if you still like to join on my personal astro taglist just ask!

These three groups I'll mostly post about because I DEDICATE my life to these boys. EVERY. ONE. OF. THEM.

So if you want to be tagged in any of these lists, comment down which ones you want or all of them! :3

And don't you worry! These tags go rightfully to their proper communities so don't believe my bts list in big bang cards or big bang list in astro cards etc.

and yes I'm in love with the famous fan chain don't judge me...


Shall we put the old taglist one final time so that everyone should know?



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