Eternity (Vixx FanFic Book 2)

Chapter 2 ************* I woke up in a different room. The door opened and came in a lady. "Oh your awake!" She smiled. She was beautiful. Her hair was long redish brown and a nice smile played on her lips. She was an average height. "I have some food, would you like to eat?" She asked me. She set the tray down in front of me  and sat down  on the edge of the bed. I looked at the food which smelled amazing, it was better then my cooking. I picked up the spoon and took a bite. I musted have made a face because she started to laugh. I looked at her confused. "I'm sorry, its just I never had someone react to my food like that before beides the boys and my brother." "My name is Nisha" she said holding out a hand infront of me. I set my spoon down and shook her hand. "Areum" I said to her. "Pretty name. Its nice to meet you Areum." She said as she waited for I to finish eating. "Little one!!" A male voice called out from the hall. It wasn't a few minutes when a tall dark skin guy walked in the room. "Oh she's awake" "HakYeon this is Areum, Areum this is my mate. Master N or what I call him HakYeon" Nisha said.  "Hello Areum it's nice to meet you. You can call me Master N." He said. "Hello Master N" I said to him. He turned to Nisha and looked at her with love. I wish I could have what they have. When Master N left, it was Nisha and I again. "Lets get you dress and I can show you around. Your going to stay with us from now on. I can finally not be the only girl here" she sid going to the closet and pulled out a simple v neck shirt with jeans. "The bathroom is right there. I'll stand gaurd for you. Don't want Ravi to come on here and take a advantage of you." She said pushing me to the bathroom. I was relly confused to why this guy Ravi would take advantage of me. I turned the water on and stripped my old clothes off. It had been a while since I took a shower. My old master would not let me bathe myself. So I felt gross all the time. I lathered lavender soap across my body and washed my hair in jasmine sented shampoo and conditioner. When I felt nice and clean, I turned off the water and dried myself off. I put on the clothes that Nisha gave me. I brushed my hair and teeth before walking out of the bathroom. When I opened the door, I saw her texting on her phone and laying on the bed. "You look nice clean. You probably feel better now since its been awhile since you showered, huh?" She asked me. I nod. She came close to me and wrappd her arms around me. "I may not know you but I can feel all of your emotions. If you ever want to talk just let me know. You don't have to go through this all alone. I was too a slave before becoming a mate to Master N." She said. The feeling of her arms felt nice. Like I can trust her. And her know how it feels about being a slave helps me.  "When you feel comfortable to talk. I will always listen." She said pulling away. "Now lets go see the others" She grabbed my hand and dragged me down the stairs. She showed me all the rooms and who they belong too. She showed me the kitchen and the study rooms, the library, the back yard, the garage. The house was bigger then my old master house. "Guys, I would like you to meet Areum." She introduce me to five guys. One had a shirt that was see through with a black choker, his blonde hair stood out. He was gorgeous and his aura seemed intense and cold. "Hello Areum, I'm Master Ravi" he said in a slurred deep husky voice. "I'm Master Hyuk." Another blonde said. "Areum its a pleasure to meet you I'm Master Hongbin and thats Master Ken" a dark hair guy said as he pointed out a brown hair guy. The last guy was the gorgeous blonde hair guy. Not saying that the others aren't gorgeous but he appealed to me more then the others. He shut the book he was reading and stood up. He past me without saying anything. I could feel electricity going through my body when his hand accidentally touch mine. He stiffened at the door way and looked back to me. He gave me a cold glare before speeding off. It was a few minutes after when we heard a loud door slam. "That was Leo. Well Master Leo. He's rough around fhe edges but he's a big soft on the inside." Nisha said to me. "Don't worry about him he's always moody." After getting to know my new Masters. I started my work. Nisha told me that I should rest and that I could start my list to do but being a slave all my life, I felt better if I had something to do. When Master N came back from wherever he went. He took Nisha with him, so I was left alone. Master Hyuk, Ken, Ravi and Hongbin told us not to worry about lunch. Master Leo was still in his room. I was in the living room cleaning. I carefully picked up a vase and turned to put it somewhere else so I can clean it but I bumped into something hard. I dropped the vase but a hand caught it. I gasped. I looked to see who it was and it as Master Leo. "M-M-Master L-L-Leo, I'm sorry" I stuttered and bowed. "Stand up" his soft intense voice said. I stood straight up and tried to avoid his eyes. His hand grabbed my cheeks and forced me to look him in the eyes. "Your lucky that it didn't break or there would have been punishment." "I a-a-am s-s-sorry Master Leo i-i-it will n-never happen a-again" my stuttering came out. It was always bad when I knew I was going to get punished. I tried to control it but the memories always got the best of me. He raised an eyebrow and looked at me. "Whatever" he said and turned around to leave. "M-Master Leo, would you like some lunch?" He stopped in mid step and turned to face me. My breathe got caught in my throat as he looked at me with his red eyes. "Fine, just bring it to my room" he said and walked out. I hurried to the kitchen and made him some food. When I knocked on the door. I heard a come in. I opened the door and froze at the site I was seeing.

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