Married To BTS Jimin

A/N So basically this is the new cover to Arrange Marriage To BTS Jimin. But I just changed the name to it. But dont worry it's still the same story. Plus let me know if you guys want to get tagged for this story. ____ Ch.10 Title: Sick Day Sunlee pov. I just now got home and I felt sick. I walked to the bathroom and tried to find the thermometer. I eventually found it and took it. I took it out my mouth and saw that I had a high fever. I was putting the thermometer but I made something fall. I looked at the sink of the bathroom and saw it was a pregnancy test. Since I was curious I took it out the box and tried it. Waited for a few minutes and looked at it. Okay good to know I'm not pregnant. I walked into the bedroom and saw jimin sleeping. I thought it was cute the way he slept. I quickly changed and went to the bathroom to do stuff and came back to bed. I pulled the covers slowly and slipped my self into the covers and closed it. I was about to fall asleep but I felt uncomfortable so I turned around with my back facing jimin. I can slowly feel the bed moving. Until jimin wrapped his arms around my waist and put his head in the crook of my neck. I slowly smile,kiss his check and fell asleep. The next day I was woken up by kisses. Kisses on my cheek,neck,and shoulders. "Jagiya wake up if you don't I'm just gonna keep kissing you." "Im up jimin" "Okay. Yah sunlee-ah gwenchana?" "Neh Wae" "You look sick wait here alright." "Okay" Few minutes later jimin came back with the thermometer. " Jagiya you have a fever, just stay home today alright." "Fine, but aren't you going to be late for work." "Nahh I called Namjoon hyung to tell the president I'm sick and I have to stay in." "Oh.......Jimin when am I going to meet your members?" "I don't know maybe when you get better." "Oh okay" "You should really get some sleep jagi." "Okay" But as jimin was about to walk away I grabbed his arm. "Can-n you stay here with me" "Yeah" As jimin got into the bed he pulled me closer to him and wrapped his arm around my waist. While i snuggle up close to him and put my head near his chest. I really dont know why but I had already fallen for him. The Park Jimin. When Im in his arms I feel safe. I wonder what he feels about me? Jimin pov. I looked down at sunlee and a bright smile went on my face. I don't know why but Everytime I'm with her I feel that all my stress and madness had disappeared and I felt happy. I believe that she is my one and only love that I'll give to anyone. ~2 hours later~ I woke up and saw that sunlee was still asleep. //Why is she so beautiful?// //I'm so lucky to be her fiance// "Oppa" //OMG SHE CALLED ME OPPA!// "hm" " I'm hungry" "Okay I'll go make you porridge alright." "Okay" ~an hour later~ So we were now in the living room. Sunlee was asleep on my lap. I peck her forehead and then heard my phone ring. It was Jin hyung calling me. "Neh Hyung' "Jimin-ah can we just tell the president bang the truth?" "He already knows "Jinja?" "Neh oh okay. Btw what are you doing right now?" "Taking care of sunlee. She's sick" "Oh wow my jiminnie was grown up so well"*fake sobbing* "Whatever hyung but I'ma hang up now" "Okay take good care of your self and sunlee maybe when she feels better we can see her." " Yeah bye hyung" "Annyeong" I put my phone down back on the table and saw that sunlee was sweating but not as much. So I picked up a towel and wiped her head. Sunlee slowly moved and hugged my waist. I bent down and kissed her forehead but then I woke her up. "Oppa?" //Still can't believed she called me oppa!// "Hm" "What time is it?" "It's 7:45 pm" "Oh jimin let's go into the bedroom where it's more comfortable." "Okay" So I lift sunlee up bridal style and took her to our bedroom. I slowly put her on the bed while I went to go turn on the t.v. I walked back to the bed and wrapped my arms around her waist while she just put her hands on my chest. I kissed her forehead and then started to fall asleep.

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