BTS Community 3rd Quarter Supporters!!!

Hey it's your ever loyal Moderator and Bulletproof V here to tell you that your Bangtan Scouts team is on for another awesome quarter!!!

@PrincessUnicorn our lovely Bulletproof Jin!!! Be prepared for her "Daily Bangtan Scouts Jin" Cards every Sunday!!! Also don't forget her amazing cute and adorable momma Jin filled "Positive Pink Wednesdays" Cards!!!

@SugaOnTop our beloved Bulletproof Suga!!! Be sure to be Yoongified with her delicious "Daily Bangtan Scouts Suga" Cards every Monday!!! Don't miss her yummy Suga stocked "SugaSweetSundays" Cards packed with the delectable awesomeness that is Yoongi!!!

@MadAndrea our wonderful interwebmommy and Bulletproof J-Hope!!! Her delightful "Daily Bangtan Scouts J-Hope" Cards are pumped out every Tuesday!!! With a blast of Hope to start your week off is her "Hopeful Mondays" Cards that help put that spring in your step with the ever delightful Hobi!!!

@SimplyAwkward our wonderous Bulletproof RapMon!!! Her dimple filled "Daily Bangtan Scouts RapMon" Cards give you a bit of swag every Wednesday!!! Be on the lookout for her monsterously dimpled "Monster Saturday" Cards that are sure to haunt your dreams with that gorgeous dimpled Rap God!!!

@amobigbang our beauteous Bulletproof Jimin!!! Her "Daily Bangtan Scouts Jimin" Cards that are given to you every Thursday are sure to make you run to the fridge for a cold beverage even on a cold winter night!!! And if that didn't make you have a dry throat then her "Thirsty Jimin Thursdays" Cards are sure to leave you dying of dehydration!!!

Of course myself@KokoroNoTakara your ever loyal Moderator and Bulletproof V!!! Every Friday I will leave you going insane with my teasing of Tae in my "Daily Bangtan Scouts V" Cards!!! But don't worry because before that every Tuesday I will administer you a healthy dose of "TaeTae Tuesday" Cards!!!

And last but not least@VKookie47 our sweet little maknae and Bulletproof Kookie!!! Her innocent (not really but we can pretend >.<) filled "Daily Bangtan Scouts Kookie" Cards every Saturday will end your week hungry for more!!! Especially after whetting your appetite with a dessert before dinner every Thursday with her "Kookie Jar Thursday" Cards!!!

Your Bangtan Scouts team is here to serve you with all the deliciousness that is BTS so stay tuned... INDEFINITELY!!!

And now for tagging my usual peeps... This is my BTS tag list... Please leave a comment saying if you want to be added to this list!!! Or if you wish to be taken off the list... I am OCD so tags are listed alphabetically... I will respond to your comment to let you know you have been added!!! Changes will occur from next card on!!! A:@AaliyahNewbell,@aliendestina,  @AlyssaGelet818,@amandamuska@amobigbang,@angiey0222,@AnnieGoodman, B:@baileykayleen,@BrendaPham C:@cardboardart,@ChelseaJay@Choijiah,@CristinReynolds, D:@DasiaB,@Defy24601 E:@EliseB@EmilyGardner,@Ercurrent@exobts947 F:@faith92,@fallchild,@FalseLove G: H: I:@imiebegay14,@IsoldaPazo@Izzy987 J:@JackieG1617,@JasminMartinez@Jinnyrod3 K:@kanatm,@kandle779,@KarlythePanda66,@KellyOConnor, @kpopandkimchi,@Kpossible4250,@krin L:@lashonda0917,@LenaBlackRose,@luna1171 M:@MadAndrea@MaggieHolm,@MandyNoona,@mbg3t,@megancurrent9,@MelissaGarza,@merryjayne13,@MichelleClack,@minimanim3,@Minnieluvs,@MirandaStephens,@monikad,@mrsjeon,@mycreativename N:@NadineEsquivel,@nenegrint14 O:@ocherrylimeadeo P:@P1B2Bear,@pharmgirlerin,@PrincessUnicorn Q: R:@resavalencia,@Rina143 S:@SimplyAwkward,@Starbell808@StefaniTre,@SugaKookies,@SugaMint,@SugaOnTop T:@Taehyungie,@TerraToyaSi,@Ticasensei,@twistedPuppy U:@unnieARMkeY V:@VeronicaArtino,@VixenViVi,@VKookie47 W: X:@XionHeart Y: Z:

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