Boys24 Have Finally Gathered Top 7!

안녕하세요 my Loverlys! KPopBeat here to keep my promise on making sure you know the standing of Boys24. Now I have been unable to find the second Episode subbed so I decided instead of you all suffering though trying to guess who is who and what is going on.... I am just going to help you out.

In this post... which is just one of the ones I will post today involving this group as the third episode airs today and eliminations start right off the bat... I am going to introduce you to the best of the best.

Now after all of the boys performed they were given a score compiled from all of the judges and at the end of the day the 7 with the top scores remained. These seven are now going to be the group leaders. The rest of the boys are going to be placed into each group by the judges and so starts the elimination.

Well let's get started hmm? We will go head and move from 7th place down to 1st. Let me know in the comments whose performance you enjoyed more and who you think is the best in the Top 7.

#7 - JinSeok (Smiley Rapper) - Now I have rightfully named this one after his performance. If you watched them, in both of his performances he is smiling brightly. This actually caused him to loose some points that might have put him up higher on the food chain, but he still managed to last in the Top 7 despite a lot of talented boys performing after him.

#6 - InPyo (Mr. Ribbon) - Now first off I would like to apologize for the second video with him singing. I was unable to find one without all the talking before the performance. You can skip to about 0:20 and he will start singing.

He does have a very nice voice that is not hard to listen to in any way. He has a very beautiful tone that I like..... but his dancing is where things got interesting.....

Not only did he pick a very sassy number by Beyonce (I believe that is who it is forgive me if I have mis-spoken) but he pulled out a red cloth and pulled off a bit of a seductive dance. This is why I have dubbed him Mr. Ribbon. (Don't judge me with the nicknames it is easier for me to remember them that way in the beginning). The judges were impressed and hence it got him onto the Top 7.

#5 - SungHo (Haven't given a nickname yet) - He is an awesome rapper..... Sadly... other than the fact that he is really good at rapping and has great stage presence, there wasn't anything that made him stick out. Honestly if I had not made a list of the Top 7 when they were done I probably would have forgotten him.

He has the talent to make it in the industry but there is nothing as of yet that really grabs the audiences attention. I look forward to seeing if I can eventually find something that makes him stand out and give him a proper nickname like the others.

#4 - Yonghyun (Eye Smile) - .... Now first off let me say the moment I saw this guys eye smile, Bobby from iKon popped into my head. They have a very similar eye smile. I thought he was cute and all, but what really grabbed my attention was his performance.

His dance was amazing and still probably one of my favorites to watch (Yes I have watched it through a few times or so). He quickly became my favorite after his amazing popping dance, but he solidified his spot as number one on my list after his awesome rap. I love his vocal tone and there is no denying this guy deserves to be on Top 7.

#3 - YeonTae (EXO Looker) - The first second I watched him walk on the stage in his loverly large sweater I thought to myself that he looked like someone who was trying out for a baby group like EXO or Seventeen. (Please do not bite my head off I am an older noona and for some reason I will forever see EXO as babies and Seventeen? Well they are babies but that is besides the point. I still love them though)

He has a nice voice, but it is not my cup of tea. I would not have personally placed him in the Top 7 over some of the others, but the judges know kpop musical quality more than me. I am hoping the next song I get to hear him sing will open up my eyes to why they think he is so amazing. Overall though he was good.

#2 - DoHa (Dimples) - This guy walked on stage... smiled and I thought... actor Min Woo. He has a very similar smile. But going beyond the looks... This guy could sing to me any day. He has an amazing voice and the fact that he is called the Ace does not surprised me one bit. He came in and stole second place after the judges said he could very easily still #1 spot. DoHa has become my second favorite and I was very pleased with his performance, but we didn't get to see him dance..... that is why when I found this little teaser of him dancing, I had to share it.

He might not be the best dancer out of the group but the boy has moves.

#1 - InHo (Mr. Sassy Pants) - Now before you wonder what I was thinking when giving him this nickname.. You must understand the moment his dance started the first word to pop into my head was SASSY. Ask@Sailynn I use that word a lot so it is no surprise.

His singing performance was good and I enjoyed it, but he didn't get a reaction out of me until his dance to Missy Elliot started. My jaw hit the floor so quickly my lil monster asked me if Mark had made another music video. When you watch his dance you will understand why I call him sassy. He is a great dancer and personally I believe he deserves a high spot in the food chain.

Well those are all of the TOP 7. I am going to make a different card based on each of the groups as I can't add them all into one card. In the group card I will also tell you who was eliminated in this weeks episode. So sadly to save space I will tell you who got into each group then rip off the band-aid and tell you who was kicked out. I know.. I am mean, but writing 7 cards to explain who all is in each group then writing 7 cards to show performances and who was eliminated is a lot of work..... I am only one KPopBeat!! lol

Well Until Next Time Loverlys!

@KPopBeat OUT!!!

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