GOT7 in Dallas was Amazing💕

Back To Me A Magnetic Playground Can't I Like You If You Do Before The Full Moon Rises

I need to upload another video (it's like 9 minutes) but I'm going to do it tomorrow when I'm back home.

Overall the experience was awesome. Throughout the concert I made eye contact with the members & they would smile back at me so it was a good feeling. Unfortunately they didn't do the girl group performances but it was still fun. When I was in line waiting for the picture I was in the back of my group. I walked in and looked at Jackson first and we looked at each other for a couple seconds but I think I looked away first bc I was shy and nervous. The way they had it set up, it was the boys standing, 6 chairs in front of them, then the last 4 people had to sit on the floor. Since I was last, I was on the floor. They took 1 quick picture and we had to leave. The other girls though were there talking to them and touching/holding their hands. I was awkwardly behind those girls while they were pushing me back so I didn't make any contact with them. When I was walking to the curtain to leave I looked at Junior & I think he looked at me like he felt bad maybe bc i looked sad (I didn't mean to look like that) idk maybe just a hunch or my imagination, I just felt like I didn't belong there. I really am invisible lol. The girl I talked to in line waited for me and I told her what happened and she felt bad and hugged me. We said our goodbyes and I went to my mom and started crying (god I'm such a crybaby). But when our family picked us up I didn't tell them bc they'd make a big deal out of it and rant about how I shouldn't be a baby and I should just get over it. Hopefully I can see them again and maybe it will go better next time. I still had loads of fun. It was one huge party, a night that was full of dabbing and sexual dance moves.

My birthday is also a convenience store..
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