Back Up Part 2

Plot: Jaebum just wont let you live. Youre dying enough with this back up dancer rule, but now what do you do when JYP himself is making it more complicated?

"Hyung, whatre you still doing here?" Jinyoung leaned against the doorway as Jaebum stood there with his hands in his pockets, pressing himself against the frame as you walked past him. Jinyoung glanced at you as you walked out, not really paying attention to the tension in the air. "Nothing" Jaebum muttered as he started walking over, "Just forgot my phone" he waved it in the air before walking out as well. Jaebum and Jinyoung were the last to file into the van thatd take them back to the dorm. The members looked at them in exasperation; they just wanted to go home and sleep but of course mom and dad had some ambiguous business to attend to. They smiled apologetically as the van began pulling away from the curb. "Did you guys notice the female background dancer?" Yugyeom muttered to Bambam and Mark. "She was so good" the maknae sat back in awe. "There was a female dancer?" Mark furrowed his brow. Typical of him not to notice. "Yeah, her name is Y/N, I think?" Bambam racked his brain, "I took some classes with her before" he muttered before returning his attention to his phone. "Has she been with the company long?" Jaebum asked nonchalantly. "Mmm, not that long" Bambam thought about it, "She was supposed to be a background dancer for the noonas a long time ago but there was some drama about her stealing the spotlight or something" Bambam looked to Yugyeom, seeing if he recalled. Yugyeom just shrugged and leaned his head against the window. It was very out of character for Jaebum to find an interest in anyone in general, Jinyoung thought to himself, but he figured he was just curious.

The next day at practice wasnt any easier for you, lets just say that. You all went over the choreo endlessly without breaks, making sure every move was clean and sharp. Up until a Got7 member messed up that is, but you were all forced to bite your tongue. When you finally got a break, you left the room to grab something from the vending machine. Yugyeom followed you out, walking alongside you to the vending machine. And in this way, this kind of contact couldnt be your fault, he was the one who walked out with you and he started the conversation, so you were in the clear. Or so, you hoped. You leaned against the vending machine as Yugyeom punched in the code for a snack bar and waited for it to be dispensed. You both laughed loudly at a story he told you about Bambam getting lost when he was a trainee and having to ask grandparents visiting, until you heard a throat clearing behind you. You both stiffened as you turned to the source of the noise. Jaebum stood there with his arms crossed over his chest, an eyebrow raised. "Were starting practice again" he said, eyeing you both. "Ah, yes hyung" Yugyeom nodded at him, sprinting towards the practice room, "Hurry!" he called out to you, to give you a hand. "Okay!" you called back, taking a step around Jaebum, intending to run after Yugyeom and not get caught alone with Jaebum again. You caught his eye as you stepped past and figured you were in the clear, until you felt his firm grip on your wrist. You immediately snatched your wrist back, looking at him with a wild look in your eye. "What the hell?" you blurted without thought. You were taken aback by your own reaction, forgetting about being professional. He ignored it however and looked at you with hooded lids, "I thought I told you to stop being a distraction" he sneered. "Im not purposely distracting anyone, Im just talking with my peers. And he approached me. Is that so bad? Am I supposed to be mute?" you hissed before spinning on your heel and heading back to the practice room. You felt your face grow hot at your frustration. Why wouldnt he just leave you alone? And what the hell did he mean you were 'interesting'? These thoughts had been plaguing you. You were doing just fine being invisible and making it by, but he was making it complicated for you.

Practice continued like normal and by the time you checked the time, your clothes were soaked by your sweat and your hair was a complete mess. "Alright everyone, good work. Get a good rest. You have a day off tomorrow, but dont slack off" the dance leader announced as we ended the practice. "Yes!" everyone agreed in unison. You slipped into one of the supply closets to quickly change out of your sweaty clothes into some clean sweats. As you exited the room, you caught Jaebums eye. Just the sheer contact with him instantly irritated you. You looked away and beelined to your belongings. You packed up your things and stood to leave before you heard someone say your name behind you. Irritated, you spun on your heel, armed with a snarky remark aimed at Im Jaebum. Surprised to find Yugyeom standing there, a startled look on his face as your wide eyed angry expression came into his view. "Oh, Yugyeom" your expression softened. "Whats up?" "Ah nothing, just wanted to thank you for the good work" he laughed sheepishly, "Ill see you tomorrow?" he asked. "Ah… we dont have practice tomorrow" you laughed. "Oh… right… alright, then the day after that" he scratched the back of his neck. "Of course" you nodded with a smile. "Yugyeom" Jaebum called his name sternly from the door frame. "Alright, see you Y/N"Yugyeom flashed a smile as he ran out and Jaebum exchanged firm eye contact before he spun on his heel and walked out. You muttered to yourself as you headed out yourself. That darn Im Jaebum, gotta be all up in my business. Im doing my own thing, so he should do his and leave me alone. Interesting? Pfft. Interesting my. Your train of thought was cut off as you felt your phone vibrate in your pocket, along with the familiar notification tone for emails. You fished your phone out and looked at the screen, perplexed to receive an email so late in the night… from Mr. JYP himself. "Hi all", the email read. "I know its late and Im sure youre all tired from tonights practice but I just thought up the most outrageous but possibly best idea possible for our upcoming JYP Nation concert. With Got7s recent comeback emerging as men now, I thought what better than to work with that concept as best as I could. Got7 will now be asked to prepare a couple stage. Each member will be working with a female back up dancer, and the pairings will go as follows:"

Your breath had already caught in your throat as soon as you saw the word "couple". You werent sure how to feel. Pissed that youd have to learn yet another choreography, or the thought that youd have to work even closer with that dreaded Im Jaebum. You prayed you would get paired with anyone but him. You scanned each members name, hoping you were paired with Yugyeom, or Mark, or Jackson, anyone BUT Jaebum. You swallowed thickly and scrolled down. And no amount of time or heavy breathing couldve prepared you for what you saw: "Im Jaebum and Y/N" At the same time, Jaebum opened up his email, surprised to find something from the PD himself. He glanced up at all his members, only to find the rest of them sleeping. He looked back down at his phone and began scrolling as he read through the information. Before he knew it, a smirk decorated his face as he read his name along with yours. He smiled widely leaning against the headrest satisfied with the turn out. "Well… this sure will be fun" he mumbled as he began scrolling through potential songs.

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