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Hey guys! How's your weekend so far? 당신의 주말 은 어떻게 진행되고 있습니까? Mine has been good so far. Can't wait for tomorrow. I'll be spending time with my family, which will be fun. Anyways, today is another introduction of one of the ROMEO members!!! Yay! And todays member is....

Yunsung!! His real name is Hwang YunSung (황윤성) According to the other memvers of this group, his nicknames are Yunddongie (윤똥이), Wakkun (와꾼) (btw, when he asked why that nickname, Minsung said he looked kawaii*), and Yunsili (윤실이). He was born on March 19, 1996. He's also one of the main vocalists in the group (I can see why. I mean, haven't you heard him do a cover to MJ's "Man In The Mirror"?). He's 5'9" tall and his hobbies include composing, playing the piano, singibt, and doing impersonations.


He has wanted to become a singer since middle school. He used to be one the chubbier side & pretty low key, but when he received a lot of unexpected positive response after singing, he thought to himself that he should continue to sing. According to him, that moment was the first time he has ever gotten so much applause and attention. He's roommates w/ Seunghwan, Minsung and Kyle. He's also mentioned that all of the members, besides himself, are afraid of insects. So they often call him to catch/kilk them for them (I totally understand you. My friends and mom do the same thing with me ) (*Kawaii is a Japanese word for 'cute' and '-kun' is an honorific/suffix used for young males. 'Wa' from kawaii + kun = Wakkun.... well, someone sounds like a major otaku )


Alrighty then, that's all for today, until next week on "Yunsung SATURDAY". If you would like to be tagged for any future posts of Romeo, be sure to say so in the comments below. Also, be sure to check out@EwSeungkwan card on "How To Pick You Bias". I already have mine picked, BUT one is trying to slip his way in . Anyways, I'lk see you guys tomorrow to introduce the next member. 안녕!!! Kpop Kik Family@selfishmachines@Winx9119@Rochellerose@BBxGD@TheEnlightment@evieevelyn@UKissMeKevin@matokokepa

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