JHOPE is a sexy beast

Ok guys so recently on Twitter I was just scrolling along when I came across a post proclaiming that they (they being the person who wrote the post) didn't see why there was so much love for jhope at Kcon New York. They then went on to say the only thing he was good for was dancing and that he couldn't really sing. Well this just got me really fired up and I had to show this person and you guys just what is so special about him.

Firstly jhope is one sexy mofo


Thirdly his smile could cure disease.

Fourthly (is that a word?) he's got the moves like Jagger

Fifthly he is an amazing singer!

Sixth he is a rap god!

Plus did I mention he is smoking hot!?!?

I think I rest my case (WOULD YOU LOOK AT HIS NECK!?!? 😱)

My face when I read the post *thinking to myself "I'm gonna have to show somebody today"*

^me anytime he does literally anything^

Where are my other Hobi stans? Is he your ultimate bias too? Show jhope (and me) some love! Like and clip this post!

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I'm a BTS FREAK. Lol 😜 JHOPE =the love of my life my bias! SUGA= biggest baddest bias wrecker JIMIN = the creep who makes me all confused and can wreck it all 😂 Yoonmin for life!
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