Block B Challenge Day 2!!

DAY 2: What do you love about each member?

Zico: I love how he can be so serious and then cute and silly. Love his rapping skills!!

B-Bomb: He is funny. He is cute in his own way.

U-Kwon: He is soo hot!! I mean look at him. So fine lol. His laugh is adorable too lol.

Jaehyo: When he gets mad, it too cute lol. He is very cute and doesn't like kisses from the other members lol

Kyung: He is soo cute. He is adorable, sweet and funny!!!

P.O: He is the crazy maknae! He is also cute in his own way.

Taeil: Love his tattoos. He is the baby hyung lol. Who wouldn't love the baby hyung! @twistedPuppy@stsmarlene

Hi! Hello! 안녕!- Shownu, 2016 lol
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