100 day anime challenge 2-3

my favorite anime I watched so far is assination classroom by far one of the best. a good balance of comedy, action, and philosophy,

#3 number was by far one of my hardest decision but I'm going to give it my boy kazuma from s-CRY-Ed. his morality towards equality is admirable and he never let's the upper powers put him and his friends down. also i can relate to his care free attitude @MissStrawberry@hanetama@LAVONYORK@cardboardart

just an easy going guy who like to have a good laugh and enjoys the simple things in life and enjoys a good conversation. I like numerous types of music, books, animes, games, and philosophical conversations. I have only one motto.... if people can't accept you and the things you like... well who needs them.
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The Communities are great you rarely see anyone get in to an argument :)
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