Fantasy Kpop: The Winners!

Thank you everyone for participating!

After counting the hundreds of votes we finally have our winners :D

1st Place:


Leader: Youngguk

Dancer: J-hope

Vocal: JB

Maknae: Jungkook

Rapper: Suga

4D: V

2nd Place:


Leader: Jackson

Dancer: Chen

Vocal: Jimin

Maknae: Yugyeom

Rapper: Ravi

4D: Bambam

3rd Place...Two Winners!


Leader: TOP

Dancer: Kai

Vocal: JB

Maknae: V

Rapper: Youngguk

4D: Yunhyeong


Leader: Zico

Dancer: Taeyang

Vocal: Jimin

Maknae: Sehun

Rapper: Rap Mon

4D: Jackson


A TON of people tied for 4th place so CONGRATS :D


Thank you everyone for participating and I hope it was fun voting for and creating your dream groups :3

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