Ruining my sleep Tao (19+)


His lips grazed against your neck, he was barely touching you but you were a moaning mess. “Tao…please” “Please what?” his hot breath hit your neck. Tao’s voice was barely a whisper, his voice was deep and rough. He was tired. You’d woken him up because you couldn’t handle your sexual desires; it’d been a few weeks since you’d seen him and you wanted him. Resting on his forearms he finally kissed your neck as his body slightly hovered over you. Legs overlapping each other, the heat radiated off you as you put your hands underneath his shirt to feel his faint abs. Tao’s soft lips kissed their way all over your neck as you rubbed your hands over his body, resting them on his chest. “_____, did you miss me while I was gone?” his hoarse whisper made you open your eyes; the room was dark save from the moonlight, even with the room dark you could see the lust in his eyes. Taking one hand from under his shirt you touched his face lightly. “Yes” you whispered back, lifting your head you placed your lips over his, quick to respond Tao tilted his head to the left as he kissed you deeper, his warm tongue licked your lips. Opening up to him you welcomed his tongue in your mouth, moaning at the contact you lightly gripped his hair. Slowly getting turned on Tao ran his left hand over your sides, finally landing at your thigh as he lifted it up to wrap around his waist. He could feel that you were already wet, loving the fact that he could make you react so quickly he smiled into the kiss before he pulled away. As he slowly took his white wife beater off, you too took your top off. Tao smiled as he saw you weren’t wearing a bra. Looking into your eyes he slowly lowered himself, his warm hands were at your waist as he placed a million kisses on the crook between your neck and shoulder. Pushing your hips to meet his you groaned in frustration, taking your attempt to make friction as a sign his fingers made their way to your pajama shorts. Still sleepy his actions were slow, his fingers had hooked onto your underwear too as he pulled them off. “You should have let me sleep, _____” As he said that his fingers touched you in the right places, you were so wet that with one touch Tao’s fingers were covered in your juices. Whimpering at the slight contact you closed your eyes. His index finger and middle finger ran up the middle of your folds, parting them. Wanting to tease you his thumb drew soft circles on your nub, such a simple action had you moaning. “Tao….oh god” Smirking at your reaction he carefully pushed two fingers inside you. Not being able to help yourself your hands held his neck as you gasped into his mouth. His fingers moved in and out of you, occasionally curling on their way out. The sensation had you arching your back as his long fingers worked their way in and out of you. As if that wasn’t enough Tao starting circling this thumb around you to intensify the pleasure he was giving you. Being too worked up your breath was short and fast, you threw your head back as you felt yourself get closer and closer. Looking at the way he made you feel, Tao felt himself get hard. He grinded himself against your thigh so you could feel what you were doing to him. Realising that Tao was doing all the work you, regretfully, pulled his fingers out of you. Pushing his shoulder back so that he was now on his back, you pulled his pajamas off. Seeing his hard manhood only increased your wetness. Reaching out you palmed him, his hips softly bucked against your hand as he let out a quiet moan. He was getting harder as you touched him, he was getting needy, as were you. Not wanting to waste time you pulled his boxer briefs off. His erection sprung free; no matter how many times you’d seen his manhood you were always surprised by how big he was. You didn’t think you could get any wetter, but you did. Just as you reached out to touch him, Tao held your wrist and pulled you forward. “No. I want you to feel good” he spoke against your lips. Letting go of your wrist he pulled you closer by your hips as he stayed on his back. You were on top, one of his soft hands was still on your hips as the other positioned his manhood directly under you. Resting both of your hands on his chest you slowly lowered yourself onto him. feeling him inside you forced a strangled moan from your mouth. Pushing you lower Tao let out a content sigh as he filled you. Rolling your hips against his gave you the most wonderful pleasure as you closed your eyes. You pulled up and lowered yourself onto him, giving both you and Tao pleasure; not being able to control himself he gripped your hips as he thrusted into your upwards, Tao always had to be in control, even if he wasn’t on top. Raising his head he looked to where the two of you were connected, he was covered in your wetness and he loved it. “_____” he let out a breathy mouth and he sensually thrust into you. Tao looked so hot, he was sweating, his blond hair was messy, eyes closed with pleasure and he was biting his lip. Holding onto his bicep you moaned. Even though he was thrusting slowly you felt yourself get close quickly, the weeks of pent up sexual frustration had you reacting quicker than before. The throbbing of your walls around him made Tao roll over so that he was on top. Wanting you to reach euphoria, his thrusts became fast and deep. You repeatedly moaned his name which only added to the force of his thrusts. The bliss you were getting from him was undeniable, the length and girth of his member was just perfect and quickly pushed you over the edge. You moaned his name as your back arched off the best, your chest touched his as he continued thrusting into you helping you ride out your orgasm. The amount of pleasure you were getting was too much, you scraped your nails along his back and your toes curled. You moaned his name over and over in a chant. He nibbled at your jawline as his eyebrows furrowed, he was getting close too, the way that your walls have squeezed and throbbed around him had him going crazy. Tao’s hips snapped in and out, dragging his member almost all the way out before slamming back into you. Bliss had him contorting his face as he spilled his hot seed inside of you with a breathy groan of your name. Being too weak from his orgasm he rested on his forearms with his forehead against yours, both of you tried to control your unsteady breaths. Tao stayed inside you longer than necessary, he wanted to feel closer to you. Once his breath had gone back to normal you passionately kissed you. Your bottom lip was caught between his teeth as he pulled away. Pulling out of you he threw himself on the other side of the bed. “That’s what you get for ruining my sleep” he hoarsely whispered before you dozed off from the intense pleasure he gave you.


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