[Have You Seen] Entertainer

I feel like this drama has been neglected. There haven't been many cards about it. WHY? Let's talk about it a little! I didn't include the plot per se because in order to explain certain things you'd need to have background info that they don't give until well into the drama.

(Triggers: suicide, rape)

Kang Min Hyuk as Jang Ha Neul

Ha Neul is an orphan living with his older sister; the fact that he's an orphan is sad but the reason why is heart-breaking. We meet him in ep 1 as a girl from his class is accusing him of sexual assault. We find out that he's a great singer but because of being convicted of sexual assault he cannot pursue music (so sad). Then he has a chance encounter with a certain person...

(All the guys from CN Blue steal my heart with their acting. Of course you remember this guy as Yoon Chan Young from Heirs.)

Ji Sung as Shin Suk Ho

Man candy, Ji Sung, is a hot shot music producer with questionable principles. He has a heart of gold but gets taken advantage of and has his career ruined (so sad). He attempts to bounce back and is knocked down by several previously unknown truths.


Heyri as Jung Gue Rin

Lovely noona to Ha Neul but we find out they're not actually related...cue noona romance feels...except not. She dropped out of college to take care of Ha Neul and she really is like a big sister to him in every way. She helps him follow his dream of becoming a singer and even becomes his manager.

Isn't it too soon for her to appear in a drama? I'm still not over Reply 1988.

Note: She gets a "makeover" of sorts in this drama. The style is men's dress shirts that don't fit. It annoyed me.

Supporting actors pictures and memes!:

So, why should you watch this drama? Because the feels are so real and you'll be moved to tears pretty much every other episode. Another reason is because it's very honest; there isn't a lot of lying or hiding the truth which is something I really like from dramas! There are lots of good messages here.

This is the group I tagged in my last drama card. Message me if you'd prefer I not tag you.


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