Safety Net

I tried to do the things

That made me happy

Everyone of them had lost it's spark

Even the ones I had kept to myself

Were screaming out her name

There was no place for me

To run to

Because I would always

Seek her out

But I broke that safety net

And the knife is still in my hands

So here I am falling

Pretending that I'm flying

Acting like this is all going

According to plan

But the pain in my soul

Refused to let go

I'll eventually land

On the cold concrete floor

I won't pick myself up

Instead I'll just lay as I landed

For the fear of falling as soon

As I start standing

And hope that this floor

Does not sink anymore

-Dynamo (3-15-16)

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I am in love with poetry. The letters that form words can channel so much emotion into simple phrases. Only poetry can describe exactly what you are feeling at any given moment.
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