NCT 127 releases Teaser for "Fire Truck"!!!

What's up guys, John here. NCT 127 has finally released their teaser for the MV "Fire Truck". For those of you who might not know who NCT 127 is, they are another sub unit of NCT. The teaser was released July 6 at midnight(KST). This track will be part of the group's first mini album named "NCT #127'. The mini album will come out on July 10 at noon(KST). According to Soompi, “Fire Truck” is a track influenced by the genres of hip hop and trap. The music video features the members trying to free students and workers from the routine of their daily schedule.

The new sub unit consists of seven members, there are also some current members from NCT_U. The members consist of Haechan(Korea), Yuta(Japan), Taeyong(Korea), Winwin(China), Jaehyun(Korea), Mark(Canada), and Taeil(Korea).


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