Reenacting Cliche Movie Kissing Scenes: Suga Parody

Yoonji X You Oneshot Parody I don't know how it got planted in my head, I guess it was caused from a suga rush. Warning-there's a lot of sugar unwrapped action going on so you may need to down a glass of suga sin before you read on.

Reenacting cliche kissing scenes:kpop version parody Starring:Suga X You Movie:The Notebook Setting: near the dock where Noah confessed to Allie his love for her was never over and when she realized her Bighit bitch mom hid his love letters

"More." He pleaded with aegyo puppy eyes. "More what? Candyland action? You don't have to ask me twice," you say lustfully. "No. Cookies. I haven't eaten for an hour. I'm hungry," he states with a pout. You sigh angrily, fed up with his Rated R sugary relationship with sugar versus yours. "You can find them at a local store, cus I'm done with this shit." You announce angrily, starting to walk away to enjoy a hot plate of homemade kpop waiting to be watched on your laptop screen. And thought, if you couldn't have the jams, at least it could be provided for you through kpop's juice.

"Wait, what'd I do? Are you mad cus I didn't share any cookies with you? You know how bad my suga intake gets. I promise next time I'll share," he vows with a Tylenol relieving grin you couldn't resist.

Fuck it, you thought as you tackle him with a Zeus raging kiss as the rain pours harder along with the beat of your war on hormones. Three cut scenes later, you're both standing in front of his door doing yoga stretches with your tongues. He pulls away and takes out what you thought were his keys, but instead reveals an iPod he holds up menacingly to the door and presses play to his mixtape so infiring, it sets the door on fire. Literally.

Hope you enjoyed the suga rush and if you want more of reenacting movie cliche scenes:kpop parodies, feel free to comment below. Continue receiving the sunny D of kpop and extra jams when your life needs a tan.

An 18 year old music worshipper. Music is my religion, YouTube is my priest.If you like food, music, kpop, like to scream along to music, use an invisible drum kit, Rap Monster, enjoy indulging in 50 shades of suga, think being normal is overrated, and all things in between, join this music loving girl on this infinite expedition.
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