This Breakfast-Making Machine Is The Best Thing Ever.

One of my favorite movies growing up was 'Peewee's Big Adventure' - which, compared to its contemporary kids' movie equivalents, was quite the acid trip.

One of the best scenes toward the beginning was when Peewee was getting ready for his day. He'd pick out one of his usual trademark suits and head down into the kitchen, where this very quirky Rube Goldberg machine would fix him his breakfast.

However, I never thought it would be real someday.


It took inventors Peter Browne and Mervyn Huggett over 1,000 hours to build, but the machine isn't even FOR them - it's actually for their wives!

The machine, while definitely not as compact as other modern machinery, has a number of incredibly cool features, including:


A toaster that will toast your sliced bread nice and evenly.


A hot kettle that will not only pour tea or coffee, but brew it too!


A beaker of boiling water that cooks eggs to a perfect soft boil.

It also shoots out the morning newspaper and presents the cup of tea or coffee, boiled egg, and toast directly to the person about to enjoy their breakfast.

Check out Peter's walk-through of this super amusing breakfast machine by clicking the embedded video clip above, and then let me know:

If you were an inventor, what kind of machine would you build?

Personally, I could use a machine that will help me get ready and out the door in the morning - maybe something with an iron, ironing board, blowdryer, flatiron, brush, and full make-up set all in one?

Anyway, comment below with your thoughts, and for more strange tech news, follow my Weird Science collection!

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