Pictures of My Nozomi Fairy Tale Cosplay from Katsucon!

Katsucon 2016


How do you think I did?!

I put a lot of work into getting the details of the wig & flowers right & also worked really hard on my makeup!! I bought the outfit off of taobao and tried to use shoes that wouldn't mess with the flow of the outfit since I had to wear shoes!! I also made a small bouquet of flowers because I thought it would suit the outfit.

The character is Nozomi from Love Live, and I did a group with my friends who were also their girls' fairy tale counterparts!

Aren't we cute? This is me and@AlexPinku who was cosplaying Eli. Since these two are shipped together, we thought this photo would be appropriate!!

And this was our full group!

I can't wait to cosplay with these friends again <3

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