3 Pieces of Horrible Makeup Advice

Have you ever gotten really bad makeup advice?

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Here we go!

Bad advice #1: Don't wear red lipstick for _____ reason.

Case 1:

"My step mom told me the same thing when I was in sixth grade! I'm still bitter about it. She told me that if I wore red shoes and painted my nails red for the sixth grade school dance, then boys would 'get the wrong idea about me'. The fuck?! What 12 year old boy sees red shoes and thinks 'hey that girl must be down to give me a half-hearted hand job behind the gym.' Most of them can barely make eye contact with a girl at that age, let alone notice and then judge her NAIL POLISH. Rant over."

Case 2:

"I remember my grandma also saying that it wasn't 'lady like' and only whores wore red lipstick. I should say that my grandma was born in 1924 lol so it very well might have been true that she only saw sex workers wearing red lipstick."

Case 3:

"That reminds me of a time I wore a vibrant red lipstick while visiting a convent to see a relative. All the nuns were like 'Hello dear, that lipstick is very...bright...' I asked my mum afterwards why they were being so awkward about my lipstick and she said they likely associated the red with prostitutes and were surprised to see it on such a young and innocent girl. I had a good laugh."

Case 4:

"'You shouldn't wear bright red lips. Boys don't like it.' From a boy that didn't know the first thing about makeup.

Anyone can wear red lipstick.

Seriously. I mean this. Ignore rules about skin tone & assumptions made about people who wear red lipstick. Boy, girl, non-binary, black, white, asian, whatever. Wear it!

Bad advice: Cancel out your natural undertones.

Case 1:

"My skin is a medium yellow type tone, once I was swatching foundation and the sales associate said I should go for something more pink/neutral to 'neutralize' my yellowness. Why is being yellow bad?"

Case 2:

"I had someone try to sell me on that with, 'so you don't look like you have jaundice, right? Haha' Bitch I'm middle-eastern, that's the color I am."

Case 3:

"My skin tone is light-medium with a yellow undertone and there's always clueless sales reps giving me the wrong shade and trying to convince me it's my match. I always reply with a polite 'no that's too light/pink' but if they push too hard I can't help but say 'look lady, that really isn't a match for me' I know some of them are trying to help but some are just pushing for a sale. I try to befriend my local sales assistants and at this point they know I'm a painter so I know my shit when it comes to colors and if I say something they don't take it personally anymore."

Case 4:

"As someone who is of East Asian descent, I was always told to select a foundation a couple shades lighter than my natural skin tone, as pale skin was the beauty standard in Asia. I hardly consider myself dark as my skin tone rotates between an NC20 and an NC25, but there are some high school photos of me out there where my foundation (NC15) and the rest of my body were having a strong disagreement."

You don't need to color correct who you are.

Cancelling redness or temporary color irregularities is one thing, but don't let anyone try to convince you to cancel out what you are! If you personally like a paler or darker look, that's on you, but its normal to match your foundation to your skin, not the other way around!!!!

Bad advice: Eyebrows look best like ______.

Case 1:

"I've received some poor makeup advice all around, but the worst was being told by an eyebrow stylist that my eyebrows should start at the edge of my nostrils. I have a wide nose so going off this advice my eyebrows started past the corners of my eyes and looked like little curved apostrophes. Took me about a year to realize that it just looked wrong on me. Now I base where they start by going off the sides of the tip of my nose and my eyebrows look much better and flatter my face more."

Case 2:

"People always try to convince me to give my eyebrows a more dramatic arch but sorry no. It just won't look right with my face shape and typical Asian features. On top of that I wear square frame glasses so that's just gonna look horrible."

Case 3:

"That the space between your brows should be as wide as the widest part of your nostrils. This is terrible advice because it makes your nose look bigger and no one wants that. This only works on people with those perfect tiny model noses. Anyone else shouldn't follow that advice. You should match up the space between your brows to the width of the bridge of your nose."

Eyebrows look best on you however they look best on your face.

It's different for everyone, but I think the last case gave a good piece of advice that might work for many: You should match up the space between your brows to the width of the bridge of your nose

The take away here is that makeup is different for everyone!

Not just because everyone looks different, but because everyone has a different goal in doing their makeup. You should take advice from other people if their goal is the same as yours, but don't listen to them if their advice doesn't match the look that YOU want to accomplish! Play around with different looks & advice until you find what suits you best!

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