Have you ever seen a Melon like this?

Wait for it.. . . .

BAM!! Yellow watermelon? Say it ain't so! At first glance it looks like I bought a bad melon. Yeah. I know but here's the twist.. I intentionally bought this bad boy!

See. The existence of this melon is intentional. I went to the Trader Joe's to buy some regular watermelon because it's summer. Watermelon is perfect during the summer. Especially here in Arizona! Well anyways, like I said, I bought this at trader joes. The cashier said they're not as sweet as a regular watermelon but still very tasty. But jokes on her! I know how to choose watermelon and I got a sweet one. Not sure if these are available anywhere else, but if you have a Trader Joe's near you, check it out.

It looks so wrong but tastes so right! What kinds of weird melon or fruits have you tried?

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