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Hey guys! How's everyone been doing so far? Good I hope. I just recently found out that my oldest brother is coming into town and will be staying at my place for awhile. So, you guys know what today is!! It's Wednesday.... Eh, I tried. Anyways, you guys will be meeting a member today, and that member is...

Kyle!!! His real name is Ma JaeKyung (마재경) According to the other members, his nicknames are Jaegingie (재깅이), JaeGyongie (재굥이), Ddukddaki (뚝딱이), and no joke on this one... Charmander/Pairi (파이리) He was born on Jan. 15, 1997, and he's one of the vocalists. He's 5'10" tall and his hobbies include soccer, hapkido, singing and short distance running.


He decided to pursue singing in his 3rd year of middle school when he saw how singers could move people through their music. His initial childhood dream was to become a police officer. He thought it would be good if he could use his athletic abilities to catch bad guys and protect others. (Well, there you have it people. We have a super hero in the kpop world. Now all he has to decide is either DC or Marvel.) According to the other members, he is the definition of a real man. He is a sleeyhead, but claims he is never late despite this fact. He sleeps in only his underwear. He has a habit of biting his hands and other members. Particularly HyunKyung and Milo.


That's all for today until the next week on Kyle Wednesdays. If you would liked to be tagged for future Romeo cards, be sure to say so in the comments below, and I'll see you guys tomorrow!! 안녕!! Kpop Kik Fam@selfishmachines@Winx9119@Rochellerose@BBxGD@TheEnlightment@evieevelyn@UKissMeKevin@matokokepa Juliet Fam@EwSeungkwan@turntuptae@nikkynoel

I enjoy listening to kpop music and watching kdramas. I'm also love pokemon and zelda, if you were to ask my closest friends they would tell you I'm obsessed 😂😂
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