Wonho"e": The Night Before

Dedicated to@Vkookie47 Team *smirk*

You sat opposite one another, either side of the table occupied by friends chatting away but the two of you sat in silence, neither wanting to lift your head in fear of the other trying to tackle the topic of yesterday night. It was originally meant to be a few drinks with you and the guys, just to have some time to relax and have fun. Only it spiralled out of control and a few drinks turned into many and by the end of the night, everyone had passed out except you and Hoseok, who were busy attempting to play cards.

“H-Hey, you can’t do that!” You yelled, taking the card Hoseok had hidden up his sleeve. He grumbled, reaching out for it as you yanked it back, giggling as he launched himself at you, grabbing your wrists before your head hit the floor, himself losing the balance on his knees, falling beside you.

“Cheater.” You pouted, breaking out into a laugh, head turning to look at him, his smile radiating back at you. The room fell silent, Hoseok’s toothy grin fell back into a soft one, his hand wrapping around your cheek, pulling you closer, his lips finding yours. Your arms slid round him almost instantaneously, his free arm around your middle. As the kiss broke apart, the two of you remained in that position, falling asleep, heads next to one another.

When you woke up, he wasn’t there, and that lead you up until this very moment. You both moved your chopsticks forward to the plate with the dumplings on, stopping as you clanked both pairs together. You gulped, looking up, Hoseok met your eyes and quickly turned away, yanking his chopsticks back. You sighed, dropping yours to the table. You weren’t putting up with this. Grabbing your jacket, you said your apologies and swiftly left the room.

You got halfway down the stairs til his voice called out your name. You froze up. Hands balling into fists as you turned to face him.

“Do I exist to you now?” You spat. His lips formed a frown, walking down the steps to be closer to you.

“___..” He spoke softly, arm reaching out to yours, you slapped it away, shaking your head.

“No. You ditched me last night, I woke up completely alone and now you won’t even look in my direction. Go away.” You replied. You went to leave but he grabbed your wrist tugging you back to face him.

“I was scared.” He whispered. Your eyes softened, tilting your head. What was there to be scared of? You didn’t bite. He chewed on his lower lip a little before continuing.

“That you’d hate me, that you’d ask questions. It wasn’t some drunken mistake and I didn’t mean to upset you.” You sighed, taking his hands in yours, giving a reassuring smile; you hated seeing him uncomfortable.

“Why would I hate you?” You shook your head. Hoseok didn’t make eye contact, shrugging casually, head leaning to the left.

“I like you, and I don’t know how mutual that feeling is, and I was scared you’d push me away and you wouldn’t want to talk to me again.” You felt your heart swell up to your throat, cheeks turning red; he likes you. You.

“That feeling is very mutual.” You whispered. Hoseok’s eyes widened, his lips moving in as quickly as he could, pausing just centimetres from yours.

“Can I kiss you?” He whispered, breath hitting your lips. You grinned, leaning in for a quick peck.

“Only if you don’t run off straight after.” He chuckled, arms sliding tight around your waist, lips finding yours.

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