Much Love Needed

If you can, please send some of your love to@BBxGD . She found out her body is not responding to the treatment she is receiving for her cancer.

Even if you don't pray, even if you don't believe in religion (like me), send good thoughts to@BBxGD during this tough time.


@BBxGD I know you can get through this. You are a fighter. Never stop believing in yourself. I will be thinking about you and hoping you find a treatment that will work so you can kick cancer's ass. I know you can do it! Never stop fighting! Never doubt yourself! You are a fighter! Don't stop fighting until this bully is put in it's place! I know you can get through this! Stay strong! Saranghae, Fighting!

Again, if you can, please send some of your love to@BBxGD If you can, make a card for her about GD, or mention her in a comment telling her good things and sending her good vibes

@BBxGD Fighting!!



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