Eric Nam visits my country!

meanwhile I'm in his and I can't ( haven't) met him! life ㅠㅠ Either way Im so jealous and also proud as he gets to go to Costa Rica for a variety show!

he is loving... hatting it haha I can't wait to watch this because I saw the preview and Eric had a lot of the same problems I have when I visit Costa Rica... like insects and certain animals in the surroundings.

this adventurous vacation is all due to a sponsor for ( batista rules) since our country is coffee nation as well as the K star new series "the friends"

^^^^ Eric nam, Sam Kim, and song yu vin. my friend in Costa Rica told me about Eric nam being in Costa Rica since she went to see him at the airport, but I didn't know what it was for since I though it was just for vacation. later I sae commercials and a tag on one connect with the flag that I know most but didn't think much of it.. finally.. I know why and I'm very excited to see them enjoy the country I was born in =) I'll be able to see C.T and Eric nam the show premiers on the 13th of this month! can't wait!

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