J-Movie: Linda Linda Linda

You're asking why this is also in the K-Movie Club? Well, its stars BAE DOONA!

She plays an exchange student from Korea who ends up having to be the lead singer of the school band.

A group of schoolgirls have formed a band to perform at their high school cultural festival in three days' time, but the guitarist and singer have quit. The remaining members, Kei, Kyoko, and Nozomi, decide to perform covers of Blue Hearts songs, including "Linda Linda", but need a new singer.

They ask the first girl that walks by, Son, a Korean exchange student who is not fluent in Japanese, and name their band Paranmaum...

Fun fact: That's Korean for "Blue Heart" which is the name of the band whose song they're covering :3

It's hilarious, has an AWESOME soundtrack, and it just a great watch for people who love music.

Bae Doona is hilarious in it (and her level of Japanese is the same as mine so I was happy that I could understand all her lines without subs^^) and its a really uplifting film :3

I could only find it with subtitles on SolarMovie, but it is on YouTube without subs!

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