HOME. I'm finally home for the first time in a month, now that the tour is over. So excited to see my baby@dayashley11. *Slowly opens the door* I slowly open the door as to not disturb her in case she was sleeping only to find out..... Who the hell is that Ashley?!? Yo, on the real you got some other dude in my house?!?!?!

I walk around the corner and see that no man is in my house BUT there she is again watching FLOWSIK on the tv. I mean come on what is with her and this dude. I mean damn I know my voice is sexier then his. "For real Simon that's the first thing you say when you walk in the house? What do I look like to you? And on top of that you been ignoring me, well hell it feels like for forever, but the past 3 weeks" Babe, look... I'm.. I'm sorry. You know... Everythi.... "Don't worry about it Simon cause as of right now I'm just... I'm going out" Babe..... * Door Slams*

Week 1 I have been calling and texting Ashley all week. No response. I even sent her flowers. Man, she'll come around. Week 2 I still haven't heard from her. I Don't know what to do. Her voicemail is now full from all my messages. I can't even concentrate at work. She is never mad at me for this long. Woman like chocolate right? *Thinks to self* I'll send her a box and more flowers

Week 3 That's it I have had it. I mean, when I was gone all she did was nag me about when I was coming back. Or how much longer until she can see me. She gets it. She knows I'm working but I know she gets lonely too. She really is my one and only. *Lightbulb goes off* That's it I got the perfect thing to make it up to her.


I quickly started jotting down all these words that were in my head and when I finished I had the perfect song. I got my keys and and went straight to her place. Once I get to her place, I let myself in and start to set everything up. I hope she comes home soon. I miss her so much that the excitement is killing me. *Sound of a door unlocking* "What in the..." *Ashley POV* I look around and see rose petals on the floor with candles lit and flowers. As I move towards the bedroom I see this man, that I almost didn't recognize standing in the door with choclates and with his and her teddy bears. Baby, its me... Look I just couldn't take it anymore. You weren't answering my calls and I just couldn't handle not seeing you or hearing your voice "Look Simon, I still need to...." Before you say anything else just let me say this... I wrote this song for you.

As I rapped the lyrics to the song to her and even though I complain about her nagging and all the things that drives me crazy about her. I can never let her go. She truly is my ₩ON AND ONLY. As I finish we both have tears in our eyes. All i can do is lift her chin and look deep into her eyes and tell her 3 simple words I LOVE YOU ❤❤ Well ladies and gents I hope you all enjoyed my short imagine especially you@dayashley11. ❤BBMG❤:@pandaqueenbee@dayashley11@LocoForJiyong@BBXGD BO$$E$ Squad:@MarrickeJ33@amobigbang@KaeliShearer@dayashley11@PriyaBala@BBxGD@VatcheeAfandi99 Mah People's@MrsJungHoseok@firstladyofaomg@exolover101@twistedpuppy@twistedexo@dayashley11@BBXGD@KaeliShearer@PriyaBala@VatcheeAfiand99@amogbigbang@LocoForJiyong@lilbrowneyes@MichelleIbarra@Sarahbear1021@AbbeyRamey@VeronicaArtino@KhrystinaLee@ChelseaGarcia@aliahwhbmida@Sailynn@Sandarwish@Luna1171@AimeeH@CrookedShadow@yaya12@KwonOfAKind@Helixx Tagging at@pandaqueenbee tag list@BBxGD@Nikkitty@LemonLassie@Jiyongixoxo@tiffany1922@EliseB@marsamusic@PrettieeEmm@victoria97@Ercurrent@MelissaGarza@flxvour@Annaharris1989@DestinaByrd@pharmgirlerin@yaya12@faith92@MsLoyalHeart@pharmgirlerin@KristinaCaron@MarrickeJ33@KaeliShearer@CrystalBlunt@Jiyongixoxo@lilbr0wneyes@Jaysbae13@CallMeMsDragon@KaiJae@dallasyamane@nmeza29@SimplyAwkward@Annaharris1989@yaya12@sherrysahar@MandyNoona@KwonOfAKind@drummergirl691@raenel@NiahriTaylor@amberg171997@VatcheeAfandi99@serbshavemofun@MaritessSison@firstladyofaomg@salo@twistedPuppy@nmeza29@mrsyookiyun@IsoldaPazo@HeavenlyLopez@lashonda0917

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