Gwiyomi Challenge with Sungmin, Kyuhyun and Heechul (part of Heechul week)

Hey everyone! It's ya girl Kim and I'm sorry I haven't posted for D&E yesterday. I would try to make up for it soon! I love this clip of the Gwiyomi. First up, we have cute Sungmin. Next, we have the shy Kyuhyun and las but not least, we have Heechul. All I have to say is Heechul went all out!!!! Gotta love him!!!!! Also you can participate in the Heechul spam week as well!!! You can post any pictures, clips, articles or whatever you want and don't forget to tag the ELF Reps!! XOXO Kim Tagging my ELF Reps :@GamerKyumin@twistedPuppy@KokoroNoTakara@CuteBabyLay

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