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Herro babes so I decided to make a Jaehyun fanfic plus other nct members :3 hope you enjoy this is just the introduction for now part 1 will be posted either later today or tomorrow. I got this idea from a game I'm playing so yeaaah

Characters: Jaehyun: the demon who loves you and watches over you, he always visits you in your dreams but makes sure you never try to remember. you: A young girl living on her own, known to be very loving and kind to others she meets but never gets to close too others knowing they will abandon her soon enough. nct: the ones trying to get rid of the disease infecting their brother Description: he was a demon and she was a human. he loved her but knew it was forbidden to love a human mostly him who tortured many leading them to their death and she who was loving and kind to whoever she meets but what happens when her kindness is taken the wrong way and he must save her but soon the others find out his heroic act and love for you and must get rid of you , will you survive?

WE LOVE YOU JUNG HOSEOK 😢💪❤ ♡I'm the ultimate BTS trash ♡(I regret nothing) jungkook is the Husband♡ Vkook is the ultimate OTP ♡ TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK💕
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