#GOODVIBESONLY - Help spread positivity!


let's create an environment that brings people together instead of apart.


Ways we can spread happiness:

♡1) Start from within.

You can't spread positive feelings if there is sadness and hurt buried inside you.

Begin with becoming a brighter you before anything else!


♡2) No Double Standards!

Don't be unfair to a certain gender or group. It's not right to praise someone but scold others though they are doing the same action.

Have a consistent heart - don't apply any unfairdis)advantages!


♡3) Defy stereotypes.

A person isn't defined by their social status or background. A few immature fans don't represent a whole fandom.

Acknowledge everyone as their own selves with their own personalities.


♡4) Support others

Even if it's just a simple question like, "How was your day?" It's nice to show that you care. One fandom can also help support another artist's fan base!

Go out and make new friends, reach out to others and liven up their day!


♡5) Enjoy time together!

Invite a friend to eat lunch together or set up a coffee date. It'll be nice to bond over common interests (ex: Taeyeon's new album 'Why' :D)

We can also build stronger friendships with other fandoms by communicating with each other.Don't see each other as competition, but as FAMILY!


Let's all do our part to be one, big, happy family!

Whatever you're doing and wherever you are, #GOODVIBESONLY. Spread the positivity :)

Sincerely and lovingly,

Daljiyong ♡

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