Uhm HELLO~ <3

wow!! I just came across this performance by Monsta X and wow~ its so cool!! I was immediately captivated by Kihyun's vocals and the choreography is really cool through out the whole performance!! Honestly they killed this!! Idk what show this is for but this performance is awesome and they really own the stage. I think this is why Monsta X caught my attention, they give off an awesome energy as a group & they have some really talented members. idk what song Kihyun is singing during his parts, but it's a pretty song & I like it! oh~ oh~ oh~ <3 Kihyun is close close 2nd for my bias in this group behind I.M....but idk guys!! Kihyun might just swoop in and the spot!

I love K-Pop, music, dancing, singing, food, Kingdom Hearts, & many other things! My fav K-Pop groups are SJ, BTS, BigBang, GOT7, & Block B! I'm working hard to become successful in my dream career! ^^
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