A walk with V (Taehyung one shot) (19+)


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A walk with V It was after midnight and you and Taehyung were walking home from a club in the city. He held your hand as the both of you were walking until he found an alley way. He pulled you as he ran to the empty trash can and started making out with you as you pulled him close to where you went from your arms around his waist to his neck and shoulders. You both stopped suddenly and you both climbed into the trash can and continued making out as you were both stripping each other until you were both completely naked and you started grinding on top his pelvis and he turned you over and started kissing your neck as you pull him closer by holding his back and you turned him over and slammed hard on his pelvic bone and moved your butt until he slipped his dick inside your hole and you moaned out of pain as you continued to grind on top of him and kiss his neck at the same time. He wrapped his legs around yours as you continued to kiss his neck until he turned you back over and kissed you as you hooked your legs around his back as you squeezed him until his chest touched your boobs. You stayed like this until you both had to catch your breaths. "Oh V, look at that beautiful night sky! Isn't it just gorgeous?" You said and asked him. "The only thing beautiful I see is you." He replied. His comment was so smooth, you kissed his forehead which made him want to lick you clean. You got up and climbed on the side of the trash can to where you exposed your buns to him and he started to lick them just like he wanted to. He licked at the sides, in between both your outer and inner buns as he massaged it with his tongue until he reached your hole. You groaned out of pleasure as he poked his tongue in your hole so far, he even licked you inside your hole and not just outside and around it. He licked you and massaged you with his tongue so hard so much, he totally went for your g-spot. Once he got there, you screamed so loud, it echoed into the sky and all over the city. It felt so good, you didn't want him to stop, but he couldn't because his tongue was stuck so deep inside your hole, he couldn't pull his tongue out yet he didn't even care because he kept licking your insides like he was licking his own teeth. You were enjoying him inside you so much, you fainted out of pleasure as you fell head first on the bottom of the trash can. As you fell, you let go of the railing of the can with your hands, then your feet slipped off the can and after you fell, you landed head first on the bottom of the can. Taehyung was worried sick that he started to perform CPR on you. He kept blowing and pumping for hours until you coughed and rose from your coma. Taehyung was so relieved, he hugged you as if he lost you. You then looked at him for a moment until you two kissed each other oh so passionately on the lips, then he laid you back down and you two continued to make out until you turned him over and started to kiss him on the lips, then the nose, forehead, both cheeks, all over the neck, both shoulders, his arm muscles, chest muscles, even his junk! Once you got there, you licked him and devowered him like you owned him, he tasted like chili cheese tots from Sonic, and you just couldn't stop until you pulled his dick too hard, you then moved away and let go at the same time as you got up, found your clothes, and put them back on. "Let's go home V, I'm tired." You said to him still laying down naked waiting for the pain that you gave him when you squeezed his dick too hard to go away. He then got up very slowly since his body was sore from intercourse (especially his dick), and put his clothes back on. You and V both tried to climb out of the trash can until you heard trash bags being thrown into the can as you both hid in a corner until there was no one around and there was no more trash bags being thrown into the can. You then tried to climb out of the trash can as you looked outside for anyone around the alley and you then climbed and jumped out of the trash can unscathed. V followed suit after you and did the same thing you did. The both of you walked back to your apartment and went to sleep as soon as you got to your bedroom.


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