Nice! casual pretty is always best in my mind ^~^

Lol you're just becoming my SCREENSHOT Game buddy aren't you?

Gikwang. c'mon I won't make you ride the big ones..

well that's just dandy...

And he's back! lol such a good friend.

Aww yiss Ferris wheel time! I love the Ferris wheel!

Aww thanks sweetie!

A lion it's so cute!!

We don't have to tell the others...

Funnel Cake! Yummy!! Sorry Seobie you might not get any tho, I'm pretty notorious for not sharing funnel cakes..

The love's still there! (from the rejected marriage proposal lol)

boy you had a chance earlier I don't wanna hear it

*side eye* Joon are you still jealous?

forehead kisses omgosh so cute! ask me again Hyunseung I think my answer just changed... thanks again@ChoiJiah I love how my results always seem to work without even trying lol

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