Ch. 7: Today of All Days


JiYong awoke to his alarm. He groused himself fully awake and heared the stern voice of the older Seung-hyun lecturing the younger Seung-hyun. He could hear the irritation in the eldest member's voice. Guess he would find out now why YG papa had called Seungri into the office at 4 am. He grabbed some clothes so he could follow his inquiry up with a nice shower. Stepping out of his room he made his way to the living room where Top was wagging his finger at the maknae who sat still and looking earnest at their oldest hyung. "When are you going to learn that you can't just do whatever you feel? It doesn't matter what you can get away with, some things just shouldn't be done as an idol. You should have known better than to go to a well known strip club! And without a disguise! What will our fans say now? I can see the headlines now "Seungri goes to strip club and parties, will he be a father soon?" what were you thinking leaving with that woman?" Jiyong raised his eyebrow in interest. So that was where Seungri had poofed to after their celebratory dinner of them returning from military service. Jiyong shook his head and met eyes with Top whose intense and passionate eyes that had been filled with anger softened as the two shared an unspoken conversation. Top sighed and sat next to Seungri. "Look Seungri, we love you but you have to stop pulling shit like this. We are getting older and this is more like teen crap. Will you please tell me that you at least didn't have sex with her?" Seungri looked up quickly and his earnest face reflected sincere honesty. "I promise I didn't even touch her boobs! She has a 5 year old daughter and wanted out of that business. I was just walking her home so I would know she was safe. Her daughter's father left her pregnant in college and she managed to graduate before the birth but she was never able to pursue the job she had wanted due to her infant daughter needing her all the time. She was going to be a hair stylist and makeup artist. I simply told her I would help her get a job working with us. She has mad skills and I was just trying to help. We have an opening anyway since Naeri noona left and got married. Papa Yg said it was a brilliant idea. He did say though that I should have realized how it looked and for that I am sorry hyung." Top sighed and clasped his arm around the youngest. Seungri was a good man and had a good heart even though sometimes it was a bit misguided it meant the best. Knowing that the situation was under control Jiyong continued towards the shower. Today was going to be a long day. There was to be a fan meeting in Seoul today. Today they would announce the winners of the exclusive tickets for Daegu's fan meeting. After he turned the hot water on and stripped his clothes he plugged his phone into the speaker and slipped into the steaming shower. He let the hot water roll off his back as the heat relieved his body of stress. He let his mind mull over what had been bugging him since their sunbeanim's announcement. All the money he had couldn't buy him what he wanted most of all. The love he saw in the eyes of his sunbaenims. THAT was what he wanted. He wanted to feel that and receive it in return. The intense look that the older couple shared with each other, his soul burned with the yearning of that craving. He wanted that bliss, that want and need to make someone else happy that resulted in making himself happy. Sure he loved making his group members happy but it was different. The men out there were like his brothers. Sure when Papa YG had told him he was debuting in a group rather than a duo with Youngbae he had been upset. At the time he felt cheated. But now sighing as he scrubbed his body clean he realized he couldn't imagine life without the men in the other room. They had become too much a part of his life to wish for things to be different. They had been through their ups and downs. Through it all the ones who had his back was those 4 men. They relied on each other. Each of their happiness effected the others. He was sure that they had picked up his displeasure though they wouldnt know why he was displeased and of course they would want to know so they could try to help him. Turning off the water he sighed as he stepped out of the shower. Of course he would let them know what bothered him. Sure he had dated but there had been no... Spark? Was that what was missing? He finished up his hygiene routine and dressed. Well time to face the music he thought as he prepared himself to let himself rely on his best friends, his brothers. That was what they were, an extension of his family. He squared himself and left the bathroom. In the living room Daesung and Youngbae were playing chess. From the looks of it only Youngbae was taking the match seriously his face set in a determined expression. Daesung, Jiyong's ever lasting favorite sun sat grinning away at the man opposite him in a mischievous way. Seungri was texting away on his phone while Top sat reading a book. Jiyong took a seat near the two dueling chess players and cleared his throat to let the others know he had something to say. Top looked up from his book and Seungri put his phone aside. With one move Youngbae growled tipped his king over in surrender to Daesung and with a cheerful exclamation the two turned to give him their attention. They had been waiting for him to be ready it seemed. Jiyong took a deep breathe and launched into his explanation.

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